10 Professional PowerPoint
Templates to Outdo Your

Are you having a hard time creating your PowerPoint presentation? Whether you’re doing a presentation for your students or clients, these ten professional PowerPoint templates can save you time and effort. Choose the compatible PowerPoint template for your report and watch as your next presentation shine. Even if you consider yourself unartistic, observe as these PowerPoint templates make your report stand out. Before choosing your templates, first, you must consider your viewers. Second is to know your topic and choose a template about it.

On its own, PowerPoint is a great tool for creating high level professional presentations, but with templates, you can create great looking presentations faster and easier. There really is no end to the presentations you can build for your business. Here are ten top of the line presentation templates you can use to make your presentations stand out.

What Is a Template?

Template are pre-designed to include all of the elements of something you are going to create. In the case of presentations, text, image holders, layout, colors, fonts, and transitions will be a part of the template. These elements are in place and ready for you to simply drop in your own images and text. You can keep the same fonts, colors, and layout or tweak the presentation to incorporate your own ideas. Templates are great for saving time and ideal for users who may not have a lot of design skills.

Here are ten professional PowerPoint templates you’ll need to make your future presentations shine:

Helicanus Presentation Template

Helicanus is one of the best professional PowerPoint templates for that calm vibe and sophisticated design. It can make your viewers connect and feel the ambiance of your presentation. It is compatible for presentations about fashion, hotels, traveling, and nature photographs.

Ceres Presentation Template

If you are creating a presentation about nature, gardening, organic culture, and botany, this is a perfect template. The theme consists of florals and leaves with green palette background, representing nature’s beauty, ideal for that nature vibe.

William Presentation Template

A perfect template compatible for all business related presentation under the sun. Take advantage of its offered features to highlight essential data to be used to impress and convince your audience.

Quintus Presentation Template

Quintus template is appropriate for presenting topics about education. With the book as a background, it makes the viewers feel like they’re reading a book while you present. With your wild creativity, take advantage of its background, to mimic a real book, perfect for storytelling among young students.

Cerimon Presentation Template

Anything under the medical field, the Cerimon template has it covered. From human anatomy to microbiology, this is a perfect template for your medical presentation. Use the illustration for your specific field, body pain presentation for physical therapy and basic human anatomy for your anatomy class.

Dolabella Presentation Template Presentation Template

Just the background itself makes you think of the history of the Renaissance period. Dolabella template can fit any topic about history and aesthetics. With its provided sketches of Leonard Da Vinci, this is perfect for your renaissance architecture lectures and Renaissance period discussions.

Katharine Presentation Template

With its random photography backgrounds, Katharine presentation template makes your viewers feel at tranquility and peace. For your inspirational talks, the Katherine template provides an ambiance of positivity. It is perfect for your lifestyle presentations.

Oberon Presentation Template

Can’t find that certain template for your topic? Oberon template is suitable for your professional or creative talks. With its simple and colorful design, this template can cover almost any topic under the sun.

Miranda Presentation Template

Just with how the background pictures and fonts are chosen, this template can make your audience ponder in life and the world’s beauty. This template is perfect for a presentation that convinces your audience to go out and travel.

Timon Presentation Template

Are you looking for that art-related template but worried that the backgrounds stand out over your topic? Some art related template can cause distraction on your main discussion. Timon presentation template doesn’t distract your viewers away from your topic.


With these ten professional PowerPoint templates, you can easily transfer your thoughts into your presentation without worrying how your presentation will look like. You just have to fill out texts with necessary information, and you’re good to go. If you’re interested in trying out these templates, you may download them on this link free-powerpoint-templates-design.

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