15 Microsoft Office Tricks
for a More Advanced

The Microsoft Office programs are the popular ways to improve someone’s productivity. They are one of the basic tools for students, workers, and businesses in various capacity. A full Microsoft Office suite has several programs that you can utilize. Common desktop programs include the Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, the Microsoft Office doesn’t stop there. There is several other desktop programs in a Microsoft Office suite that can also increase your productivity even more. You would think that you already know the ins and outs of Microsoft Office after years of using it, but there are still some of the less-known Office Programs that might be of great value for you. Few of which are the Microsoft Office Visio, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Project, and Lync.

Are you ready to get more productive? There are a lot of ways you can make Microsoft Office more powerful and get the most out of your software. At SoftwareKeep, we like to keep you informed and help you make the most of your software when we can. Here are some tricks that will help you advance your productivity and make your work life much easier, more efficient, and increase your workload with less work.

Tips and tricks

The great thing about using Microsoft products is that there are so many cool ways to use them. There are lots of neat tricks and tips that can increase productivity, give you creative powers, and save you time. Some of the tricks and tips out there just make your life easier all the way around. We’d like to show you a few tips and tricks you can use to get started getting the most out of your software right away.

MS Office programs

Customize AutoSave and AutoRecover Timing

The Microsoft Office goes through the AutoSave process periodically every time you are making a document. The great thing is that you can customize the timing this process is allowed to happen. You can also utilize the features in the AutoRecovery settings. It saves and provides the temporary backup copy of a particular document that you were unable to save. This can happen when you have accidentally closed the program without saving it first or during a power outage.

Advanced Web Options

For users who are creating documents to make a webpage or used it as a web page, later on, this feature would be of great help. It provides readiness for the document’s compatibility with different internet browsers.

Advanced Editing Options

Each of the program available in Office suite has a unique Advanced Options. You can use this to customize your editing tasks quickly.

Use Multilevel Lists

If you are tired of the plain-looking numbered and bulleted lists in your document, this is something you should try using. Multilevel lists are ideal for creating more structure for an intricate document.

Compress Images in Your Documents

Most of the images you put in your documents are large files which can particularly make your document file heavy. A rather large file can often make it difficult for you to store or share. Compressing the pictures in your document will create a smaller document file size.

Use Building Blocks

The Building Blocks are the groups of texts or objects that you regularly use and can be saved and then inserted whenever you want. Using Building Blocks can help save you more time.

Use Macros

Using macros can help save you a lot of time from repeating similar sequence of commands in formatting or other tasks. You can record it and run to do several commands simultaneously.

Saving Macros

The great things about making macros are that you can save them after to th personal backup file by utilizing the Visual Basic. It can also allow you to install or restore these macros elsewhere.

Use Math Equations and Formulas

When you think that Math Equations and Formulas are only used in Excel, you are wrong. Other Microsoft programs have options for incorporating mathematical notation. A wide variety of text fonts are already in Microsoft Office, but often, you would think that all of those are not enough. The good thing is that you can download and import new fonts from third-party vendors.

Post Blog Directly from Microsoft Office

It is not widely used because only a few know it exists. Microsoft Office features an optional toolbar where you can post right away to blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, and many others.

Add a Digital Signature

One way to make your documents more secure is by adding a signature line. It is also possible when you create a document in Microsoft Office. You can add a signature line where you can put either a visible or an invisible digital signature. Using digital signature and signature lines can also make your documents look polished and more professional.

Encrypt Your Document with a Password

Securing a document is necessary if you have confidential files. While you can do this in several ways, one of the Microsoft Office features that can help you secure your file is through encryption. You can add encrypted password to provide your documents another layer of security.

Use the Excel Interactive View

There might be a time when you need or want to feature a rather interactive spreadsheet on your blog or website using Microsoft Excel. The Excel Interactive View is a new tool and feature of Microsoft Office that can help you with this.

Utilize the Spike Tool

When you are ready to move on from the Office Clipboard, the Spike Tool can easily help you with that. It is an advanced way that can allow you to collect several items, all at once. It will also allow you to post the items elsewhere. You might be using Microsoft Office for a long time, but there are still some valuable tools that you might not have been able to consider yet. These features can help you advance your Microsoft Office productivity even more.

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