5 Essential Word Themes to
Make Your Next Report

Creating a rush report doesn’t always go as planned. With these five guidelines in creating your next report, these essential word themes can aid you in creating agile and effortless reports. Word themes are a great way to have a set of elements already in place that to help you create documents faster, without the need to worry about hand formating everything for each document. Focus on the information input and use these five essential word themes as a guide to a perfect compatible design for your report. By looking at these elements, you can create professional documents, save them as templates in Word, and use them over and over again.

Essential Word Themes


How you present your chosen colors can determine how readers can perceive your work. Figuring out what colors complement each other can make your work pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, it grabs the attention of your readers. Using colors to emphasize important information can make the information stand out and make it easier to recall. Knowing how to blend colors can be a big plus in creating your report, so you should stress on deciding the right colors for your report.


Choosing an appropriate font that can be both functional and appealing can be a whole-day debate and therefore, time-consuming. In determining fonts, always make sure to know your report and your reader. This is the key in determining what font you can use. If your report is a formal report, consider using serif fonts (Times New Roman, Garamond, Times, Caslon, and Palatino). For informal use, settle on san serif fonts (Calibri, Cambria, Candara, and Consolas).


Graphics consist of background pictures, bullets, horizontal lines, and page banner which can add to the quality of your report. These functions can create interests on your black and white text document. Graphics provides a visualization that can add details and stress on your report. Highlight important information and create a big impact on how your report is organized through the use of these graphics.

Tables and Charts:

Not every topic can be covered through words. Tables and charts can cover complex visual information that is too complicated to put into words. Instead of simply describing the data, using tables and charts can create a stronger point. Using tables and charts to highlight essential data is an effective way to convince an audience. Be careful in using this method though, as too much can lead to overkill and wrong representation can lead to confusion among your readers.


As you create your report, you always have to aim to make your report more memorable and to be able to move your readers to what you project. With your provided pictures to aid your report, people can better perceive and understand the information your report features. With this, you are providing additional ideas to your readers that can make your report more understandable for a wider range of people.

Design Documents That Stand Out:

The pictures, graphics, tables, color, and font is not enough to make your report stand out. Instead, put all these five essential word themes together and make them work as one. Now with these basic guidelines, you can create reports with ease. Failed rush reports will be a thing of the past with these essential word themes. If you think that having these themes are essential to your work, then download them at this link: Office templates.

In Conclusion

Eye candy is everything. Readers want to see documents that look good. When a document stands out and meets all the elements necessary to look good, readers are more likely to absorb the content. A well-designed document will take the content to another level, so make sure your documents are always the best they can be.

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