5 Ways to Prove
SoftwareKeep Products Are

With the advent of technology comes the risk of fraudulence. The products in SoftwareKeep are genuine. Unfortunately, giving a resounding “Yes” to the question “Are your products genuine?” is not enough in this era. Scammers and hackers nowadays lurk everywhere. You will definitely need a proof to justify the claim, and that is respected. But is there really a way to identify genuine products? It is your right as a consumer to get your money’s worth. Here are five ways for you to check if the products, or the websites themselves, are legit.

How to Check to See Your Products are Genuine

Click everything that is clickable on the website and make time to read fine prints

Like washing your clothes, you have to scrutinize everything about the website. Read all the tabs, and check for grammar and spelling errors. Remember that legitimate sellers have to have a very impressive page to attract more customers. There should be no room for misspelled words or incoherent statements. You can also check the About Us section, which will give you the contact details. There should always be a physical location and a business phone number. When you have searched the whole site and found none, you can definitely doubt it. You can use www.whois.domaintools.com to check the domain’s registration. Sad to say, most fake items are sold by websites that are registered in China. SoftwareKeep provides you the complete details you need on the website. You may also read useful blogs and articles to keep yourself updated.

Read product reviews

It is proven that testimonials are an effective way of advertising. Product reviews help any company to become distinguished. This is evident most especially when they are written by those who really bought the products. If you have friends who have tried shopping online, you can refer to them for reviews as well. Unfortunately, some sites hire people to write fake product reviews. You do not have to worry, though, because it is easy to detect fake ratings. When the words used are uncommon or when it sounds too “sales-pitchy,” you can skip that site and move on. So far, SoftwareKeep has received a 9.13 rating out of 10 from over 900 reviews from verified customers. Nothing is perfect, but it goes to show that quality is the company’s top priority.

Check the labels and certifications

Speaking of quality, you must be wary of what you are buying. Look for the product’s certification anywhere on the company’s website. When what you are buying is downloadable, you must be given a legitimate product key in accordance with the product specifications. You can also check the legal privacy statement anywhere on the site. This should indicate consumer information protection. SoftwareKeep is a certified partner to brands such as Microsoft and Norton. The company is also a Google-trusted store. It is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You should only provide your online payment information to secured and trusted websites

Missing out on little details such as the use of “HTTPS” on the URL might put you and your bank account at great risk. You can check if it is a secured site with the lock symbol on the browser. You can check a website’s security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. This is an added protection to the payment details you key in, which cannot be intercepted by fraudsters. Some hackers imitate legitimate websites by tweaking site name and product spellings. You can join forums that help detect fraudulent web pages. Web communities provide information that is most beneficial to online consumers. Rest assured that SoftwareKeep provides maximum protection for you and your contact information. The company does not sell collected details from their customers; it remains compliant to all existing laws on fair trade, buyer protection, and privacy rights.

Effective customer service does not stop from the sales front end

You can test a site’s customer service and gauge it from there. Some actually have a strong sales force but fail to provide quality customer help. There are few pages that do not have customer service features at all. Why is there a need for it anyway? You will eventually need help from company’s representatives in connection with your purchase, so it is best to scrutinize them at the beginning. You can check out blog reviews because experience is the best teacher. If the company has worse customer service ratings over better ones, there is no harm if you would look for other websites. If the company does not offer any kind of customer support, do not push any purchase from it.


One of the major concerns today is torrent sites. You can download everything from music to movies to software on torrent sites. Many of these illegally downloaded files can set you up for a virus infection that can destroy your computer. Additional problems that can occur with bootlegged software include software malfunctions that can’t be addressed through customer support because you are using illegal software.

These bootlegged files can damage your computer. Another issue with bootlegged software or software products that aren’t legal is that you won’t get regular updates. This is never the case with software purchased through SoftwareKeep

Why SoftwareKeep is the Right Place to Buy?

SoftwareKeep is a trusted software reseller and a Microsoft Certified Partner. We only sell genuine Microsoft Office and Microsoft products. They are full versions and completely legal, entitled to all of the benefits of purchasing from Microsoft, except that you will find it at a better price with us.

At SoftwareKeep, we exist to make tech accessible by helping people like you choose the perfect product, get a great deal, and install it easily. This means you can start using your software immediately. If you’re looking for genuine Microsoft software at the lowest price anywhere, complete with 24/7 technical support and advice, you’ve come to the right place. SoftwareKeep has everything you need to meet your software needs.