8 Things Microsoft Office
2016 is Great for as a
Productivity Suite

When the Microsoft Office 2016 was released as a newer version of the Office 2013, there was not a lot of notable changes from its predecessor. However, when examined deeper, there are a lot of interesting difference especially regarding features to enhance productivity. Microsoft Office has given its users the promise to get the benefits of cloud computing. Those promises are making their way, slowly but continuously in our computer systems with the new Microsoft Office 2016. The full Office suite is specially designed to meet the user expectations when it comes to how a cloud based and mobile productivity suite should be. With all its crafted features and functions, The Microsoft Office suite 2016 aims to be the last on top of productivity suites you are going to need. Here are 8 of the most notable things that Microsoft Office 2016 is perfect for as your only productivity suite.

Maybe there are some things you don’t realize you can do with Microsoft Office. At SoftwareKeep, we are always trying to give you tips, tricks, information, and the inside scoop on Microsoft Office and other products to ensure you get the best out of your software purchases. We want you to get value for the money you spend. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the great ways you can use Microsoft Office 2016 for and why it is the leading office suite in the world.

Why Choose Microsoft Office?

Two Purchase Choices

The Microsoft Office 2016 is only available generally as a subscription-based suite. When you buy a boxed Microsoft Office 2016, what you are actually buying is still the access for its annual subscription. However, there is one purchase exception. If you are to buy the Office Home and Student 2016 suite, you will get the basic apps of Microsoft Office for a one-time fee.

Powerful Analytics Tool with Power BI

After Microsoft has released its Office 2013 version, they have spent an enormous amount of capital and time to be able to acquire certain technologies that can shore up the analytical applications and business intelligence in their Office suites. In the Microsoft Office 2016, the powerful analytics tool, the Power BI, comes hand in hand with the Office 365. The Power BI can help you bring together every little detail on how your business is running.

New Delve Tool

There is a new tool that is added to your subscription with Office 365 in Microsoft Office 2016. The Delve tool is described as the central location that provides you the access to all that you have created, collaborated, or shared on your Office 2016. Simply, Delve is your new ‘recently worked on’ type of list. The only difference is that Delve is stored in the cloud which means you can easily access it anywhere you are or using any device through the Office 365 portal.

Co-Authoring in Real Time

Co-authoring was long introduced in a lot of the Office applications. However, in Office 2016, that is even made better. Co-authoring can now be made in real time which means you can see what changes are made by your co-conspirators as they are making it and vice versa. Co-authoring in real time will also not matter what device you are using or wherever you are.

A Better Versions History

One of the messy processes in all kinds of documents include creativity and collaboration. Shared documents can change drastically over time, and it often causes some ideas to be lost along with the changes made. In Office 2016, there is a much better version in the history of documents to store potentially lost ideas. It is directly available from all of the Office apps on the History of the File Menu.

Clutter Folder in Outlook

Often, your Outlook inbox can be a messy place with tons of emails you get every day. It is usually hard and takes a lot of time to wade through your inbox just looking for emails that you have to prioritize. It is a waste of time and most often, also a waste of space which can hamper your productivity. However, Microsoft Office 2016 has the answer for that. There is now an additional category on your Outlook inbox toolbar, the Clutter. Aside from designating priority emails, you can now also choose low-priority ones, and similar emails that you will receive in the future that will be deposited in the Clutter folder automatically.

Notebook Sharing in OneNote

While OneNote is one of the least appreciated applications in Microsoft Office, it is also one of the most useful apps there is. OneNote is a great central app for team collaborations because it works from texts to images, emails, and worksheets. It also supports any type of document. In the Office 2016, OneNote was given a new face in terms of sharing. You can now share your OneNote notebook to as many people you like.

Additional Excel Chart Types

Excel has always had an excellent way to provide the ability to be able to visualize data using the charts. However, for a long time now, every Excel user has the same opinion that the chart types available in the previous Excel versions need a thorough update. Thankfully, it was made possible in Office 2016. There are new chart types that are added to the templates list like the Waterfall which is an ideal chart for stock market tracking. Some other chart types include Sunburst, Box and Whisker, Histogram, Pareto, and Treemap. Microsoft has definitely stacked the Office 2016 with new features and functions that are very much welcome in a productivity suite.

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