8 Things to Know About
Windows 10 S Before
Taking the Plunge

Windows 10 is now old news. Windows 8 is even older. The new edition of Microsoft Windows, the Windows 10 S has a lot more to offer you. Windows 10 S is the new addition to the Microsoft reputation that is specially built to take on both the education market and the Google Chromebooks. Microsoft considers education as its important area which is why the giant is planning to take the education industry by the storm once again with their Windows 10 S. Windows 10 S is just a newer version of the Windows 10 which means, it still possesses most of the features that were introduced in Windows 10. However, there are some improvement on the features, and functions that Microsoft has designed in Windows 10 S which are not present in the Windows 10.

The Windows 10 S, although has a familiar Windows 10 experience, it is more streamlined for both performance and security. It is ideal for creators, students, educators as well as businesses in search for a faster boot up time and longer battery life in their system and security when using applications that are verified by Microsoft. If your friends ask you what you have and what you can do on your Windows 10 S that they can’t in their hardware, here are the lists that you can tell.

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Uses Exclusive Window Store Apps

One of the notable changes in Windows 10 S from Windows 10 is its exclusivity in running only applications that are from the Windows Store. It means that you should maximize the apps you can find in the Store and then install them. Some desktop apps such as Chrome and Photoshop are not available in the Store yet, which means they are not going to run on your Windows 10 S. While this is the case, Microsoft does allow the developers to port their app into the Store. However, there are few who have taken advantage to this.

Looks and Feels Like Windows 10

Looking at the surface, there are not much notable changes you can find in the Windows 10 S with how Windows 10 looks like. It simply looks the same as the Windows 10 except for a slightly modified default wallpaper that you can see when you set up for the first time.

Superior Performance

Windows 10 S is an improved version of the Windows 10 which includes increasing its performance. Running only Window Store apps makes sure that there are unnecessary app helpers or malware running during boot up. The first sign-in process was also improved for the Windows 10 S with its much better login times. These changes also include focusing on the battery life to ensure that students can use their systems for long hours.

Default Browser Is Locked to Microsoft

The Windows 10 S is not permitted to alter the default browser. It means that this new Windows 10 S works hand in hand with the Microsoft’s Edge browser. It is not particularly new since the Google’s Chrome OS also only uses Chrome as its default browser. The Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 S is also designed to only work with Bing search engine.

A More Secure Browser

Since the Microsoft Edge is the Windows 10 S default browser, it is now made more secure. Microsoft Edge itself is designed to offer a safe browsing experience where it can also block more phishing sites compared to the Chromebook’s Google Chrome default browser. Aside from that, the Windows 10 S also ensures compatibility with the websites that most universities and college students use such as Google Docs.

It Is Better Together with Office 365

Windows 10 S runs the popular productivity desktop Office apps such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These apps are now available from the windows store and can be downloaded in a full suite with the Office 365 for Windows 10."

It Can Be Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro

While the Windows 10 S only works with desktop apps that are available in the Windows Store, it has a convenient option if you wish to use applications that are not in the Store. All you have to do is upgrade your current Windows to Windows 10 Pro so you can get bigger access to various desktop apps. Overall, Windows 10 S is a testament to a better security and improvement of the Windows experience from Microsoft. While desktop apps had been running wild in Windows for a long time, the Windows 10 S attempts to bring a more modern Windows environment.

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