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The latest release of AVG’s antivirus software comes with a new, simpler interface, packed with even better features. While Avast acquired AVG last year, these two antivirus giants have remained autonomous and still maintain their own creations. The only difference is that now, their respective huge followings all over the world have combined to give them a vast (pun intended) range of influence.

The software’s greatest strengths are that it has received a lot of great scores from many independent testing labs. It performs wonderfully as a malware blocker, and has a decent malicious URL blocking feedback. The plug in for web security also includes website rating and active ‘Do Not Track’.

One of the pitfalls of this software is that it performed poorly an anti-phishing tests. Also, the initial scan runs slower than usual. Despite the huge changes from the previous version, the AVG Antivirus software remains as trust as ever.

With this latest update, you can get real-time security updates, and not only does it scan for malware, it also allows you to detect performance issues in your device.

Another great feature is that it allows you to catch malicious download before it gets into your PC’s system. Plus, the new interface allows you to see all the information you need, all in a minimalist style. Even if you get the free or the paid version, either way you get great protection and automatic updates. This virus scanner detects, blocks, and removes harmful viruses from your device and is constantly updated to face the latest threats.


Why should you buy AVG from us?

The acquisition of AVG by Avast has allowed many wonderful changes to be integrated into the software, and this sort of change is not all that bad. It has performed very well on most independent testers’ reviews and has showed promise in blocking malware. It also performs better than others when it comes to dealing with malicious downloads. The pros definitely outweigh the cons and overall, this is a great software to have protecting you and your devices. You can get the free version or opt for a free trial version of the Suite so as to get a taste of whether you want to get the paid version.