Check Out Sam’s Story of Success

If you need some inspiration about affiliate marketing, check out how Sam's story in the affiliate marketing business with support from SoftwareKeep.
Check Out Sam’s Story of Success

Have you ever wondered how you can make up to thousands of dollars a week by doing nothing? While it may sound like an effortless method of earning money, this success is the result of hard work. If you need some inspiration, check out how Sam became a top dog in the affiliate marketing business.

Sam's Affiliate Marketing Success Story



Sam's Affiliate Marketing Success Story


“Hey, I’m Sam.


I used to be just like you a couple of years ago, browsing blogs on the internet and looking for ways to make more money by doing something I love. Back then, I didn’t know how thankful I’d be for blogs like SoftwareKeep that taught me about affiliate marketing.


Yes, you heard me right. I make thousands of dollars in passive income with affiliate marketing. I know what you’re thinking: this can’t be real, right? Let me prove you wrong.


Back then, I was just an average guy earning an average income doing my job at the office. However, I have always had a passion for technology, especially computer peripherals. Keeping up with the latest releases, new competitors on the market, flashy designs and improvements made to how technology is used made me excited.


I wanted a way to share this excitement with others, and keep myself more up to date with all this stuff in the process. So, I decided to make a blog focusing on technology and gadgets. It started as a hobby, but one day I came across something that ultimately changed my life.


In the beginning, I didn’t have much of a following. A couple hundred visits, maybe a comment or two every once in a while. While I really enjoyed working on this passion project of mine, I have to admit that it’s hard to want to kill time by working more after I just came home from a day in the office.


Eventually, I decided to lower my blog’s position on my list of priorities. That changed when I saw an article published by SoftwareKeep titled How to Be a Great Affiliate.”


Sam continues to tell us how our article helped him on his journey to success.


“I was inspired to do something with my blog and not give up my dreams just because I have a job. I knew it’ll be hard at times, I knew it’d take time, but I was ready to take the risk and make an investment.


I continued to learn more and read about all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I learned how I can monetize my blog to soon earn me up to thousands a week — and the best of all? No 9 to 5, no office, no annoying managers. I was my own boss and I knew what direction I wanted to take with my blog.


So, I began learning. First, I learned how to optimize my content for search engines and affiliate marketing. Publishing reviews of products my affiliates sell was the most successful at converting visitors to actual sales, according to my statistics. I closely monitored what content does well and what’s something I should put less emphasis on — this is another technique I learned.


With better content and effective advertising pulling in more readers, I was able to deploy some more advanced affiliate marketing strategies. I made an email list where I’d regularly send out some teasers, new tips, and useful information I found online to subscribers, along with exclusive deals whenever I scored a good affiliate.”


As you can see, Sam’s story shares the same beginnings as millions of others who start with affiliate marketing. What separates him from those who fail is the will to continue working, learning, and improving.


“With a prospering blog, my platform became appealing to just about any affiliate marketer. This allows me to earn money from multiple passive sources, which makes up the bulk of my passive income.


It was hard, I definitely had some moments when I wanted to quit. Nothing hurts more than seeing no increase in traffic after working on your content for countless hours. But trust me, if you continue putting in the effort and publishing quality content, viewers will come. Don’t give up.”


If you want to become successful like Sam and earn substantial passive income with affiliate marketing, don’t hesitate! Start your journey today by checking out our recommended articles below. We’re here to help you get started and become a successful affiliate marketer.


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