Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Techies: Give the Best Presents

Looking for the best holiday tech gifts for family and friends this holiday season? We have an easy list to find a special gift for everyone.
Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Techies: Give the Best Presents

Looking for the best holiday tech gifts for family and friends this holiday season? We have an easy list to find a special gift for everyone.


The holiday is here with us! That means it’s time to start shopping for gifts. And we’ve prepared this best holiday gift ideas guide 2023, for anyone who wants to get the best gift for anyone.


The best part of the holiday is getting the gifts you want cheap. Why?


We have black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales all over, so you’ll have an easy time shopping for your gifts.


Let’s see the gift ideas for techies in the 2023 holidays.


Unique Holiday gift ideas 2023 for techies


  • Comfortable Keyboard
  • Comfortable mouse and mouse pad
  • Microsoft Office activation key or Microsoft 365 Subscription
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Ember Coffee Mug 2 - A coffee and tea enthusiast's dream
  • Windows activation key
  • ANKER USB-C Hub 8-In-1
  • Antivirus or antimalware key
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model)
  • Sony PlayStation Plus Membership From $18
  • Netflix Gift Card from $60
  • Equa Smart Water Bottle
  • Power Strip
  • Laptop holder
  • Travel tumbler

First, What makes a good tech gift?


A good gift depends on your recipient. You'll generally want a gift that fits into their lifestyle.


So, if the recipient loves a warm cup of coffee, the Ember Smart Mug is a good fit. As long as it’s something they will get a solid use out of, that counts. It has to be something they’ll enjoy the site of.


Because tech gifts are usually pricier, you will definitely want to lean into their practicality in the recipient's daily life.


So, what should I look for in tech gifts?


  • Look for a few things with the recipient's taste.
  • Check if the gift you're considering is compatible with the recipient's devices.
  • Find out if the recipient likes outdoors or indoors
  • Research prices
  • Find out if the recipient already has what you want to get for them.
  • Consider your recipient's hobbies.
  • And more!

15 Unique Holiday gift ideas 2023 for techies

Comfortable Keyboard


Everyone needs a comfortable keyboard when typing on any device, but a techie needs it more.


A great keyboard should be easy on the fingers, comfortable to type on, and generally satisfying. But what you should get depends on several factors, mostly your use and preferences.


For example, whether you want to get the technician an ergonomic keyboard to prevent discomfort or a compact keyboard to save desk space depends on what they'll use it on and their preference.


Gamers need a full sized gaming keyboard while techie officials need comfortable keyboards. Read our keyboard guide to help you make a quick decision.


If you want a keyboard as a gift, we can recommend a few options, but your decision will largely depend on their use.


For basic and official work, we recommend the KEYCHRON K2 Keyboard. It's compact and wireless, making it familiar. But not until you meet its quality mechanical switches and keycaps which offer a vastly superior typing experience compared to laptop keyboards. Anyone who works on a laptop regularly for a living will appreciate the productivity and ergonomic boosts from using the Keychron K2.




We can also recommend Razer’s Ornata Wired Keyboard, designed to help make PC gaming fun and more comfortable.


Read about Keyboards: Key keyboard features for Computer Keyboards and Gaming Keyboards


Comfortable mouse and mouse pad

Mouse and Mouse pad


Although touch pads have greatly improved, the precision and related ergonomics that a dedicated mouse offers cannot be matched. Combined with an ergonomic mouse pad, anyone gets the best experience in work or gaming.


Anyone looking to give someone a mouse will be pleased to give away the Logitech G305 Lightspeed mouse gift, coupled with the Logitech Gaming G840 XL Mousepad. Nothing beats this combo.


Comfortable and lightweight, the G305 connects wireless and has a universally compatible USB-A receiver, offering a highly responsive feel compared to Bluetooth options.


It has a familiar form factor that gives anyone everything to enjoy the keyboard and mouse life.


Read about Mouse DPI: How to Change Your DPI Mouse in Windows 10


We can also send you after the G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse. It’s a great mouse for gamers and people who love mouse ergonomics and comfort.


Microsoft Office activation key or Microsoft 365 Subscription


How productive do you want the person you’re gifting to be? If they don’t already have a Microsoft Office, get them a Microsoft Office key or Microsoft 365 subscription. A genuine key is a perfect gift for a student or professional who works on their computer a lot.


If he/she’s a student, get them a Microsoft Office Home and Student version or Microsoft 365 Education. And if they’re professional, get Microsoft Office Home and Business or Microsoft 365 Enterprise.


Whichever version you choose to buy, if it’s a genuine key or subscription, the person will thank you very much because they’re not easy to come by. Whether they’re using a Windows PC or Mac, there’s a Microsoft Office to help them improve their productivity.


Read more about Office activation here:


» How to Use Your Product Keys in Microsoft Office
» How to troubleshoot Microsoft Office Activation Errors


Noise canceling headphones

Noise cancelling headphone

Noise isolating/canceling headphones help reduce the sounds you hear. Although they can't completely turn off your surroundings, noise-isolating headphones create a physical barrier to muffle any sound around you. They’re perfect for work, walking, or gaming and a great gift for techies.


We recommend two options: HyperX Cloud Alpha wireless gaming headset or Sony WH-1000XM4. But you can use any other noise canceling headset you find better.


These Sony noise canceling headphones are the pinnacle of audio quality, comfort, and active noise cancellation. Its 30-hour battery life will last a day in the office or a long-haul flight, while the fantastic frequency range (4Hz-40,000-Hz) means you won’t miss a note of the music you’re listening to.


Ember Coffee Mug 2 - A coffee and tea enthusiast's dream

Ember Coffee Mug 2

The Ember Mug² is a rechargeable coffee mug designed to keep drinks hot for over 1 hour. The Ember Mug² self heating mug comes in 10 oz & 14 oz sizes. It’s a perfect gift for a techie who loves tea or coffee. Why?


The number one challenge of coffee and tea enthusiasts is finding and maintaining their beverage’s ideal temperature. Finding how to balance the fine line between a tongue-scorching warmth and lukewarm mediocrity is never easy.


So, a temperature-controlled mug can solve this issue fast, and make the life of a techie easy, which is what they desire. And the Ember self-heating coffee/tea mug is a fantastic solution.


Windows activation key

Windows activation key

Every computer needs an Operating System. If it’s a Mac, it will use macOS. If it's a PC, you almost always need a Windows OS. The problem is that unless it came with the computer, most Windows OS Keys are illegal or igenuine. What if the person you want to give wants to experience Windows 11, for better gaming performance?


Get them Windows Key from Softwarekeep. Call the tech support team and explain to them that you want to give the key and they’ll help you through the process. You will have helped the techie with something they’ll use for a long time and remember you for it.


USB-C Hub 8-In-1

USB-C HUB 8-in-1


Nothing can make a techie happier than having all his gadgets connected at once. A USB-C Hub 8-In-1 is the solution.


Anker’s 8-in-1 USB-C hub turns any middling laptop into a fully compatible workstation. Aside from the usual suspects like USB-A and HDMI ports, this hub features Ethernet, SD, microSD, and charging passthrough ports, putting it a cut above the competition. Anybody who gets this as a gift gets the real deal with a USB hub.


Antivirus or antimalware key


A techie spends most of their time online. That means risk to cyber security and other cyberthreats. And if they don’t expose themselves, then it means exposing their loved ones or colleagues. You can choose to help them protect themselves and others by giving them an antivirus or antimalware.


They probably have one, or know a lot about them, So, research the best antimalware and choose one that you feel may help them stay protected as they surf online. You can begin your research here at Softwarekeep antivirus options.


Nintendo Switch (OLED model)

Nintendo Switch

If you know a techie who appreciates good on-the-go gaming, the Nintendo Switch (OLED) offers a console-like experience in a portable body.


You can get them the original Nintendo Switch, which works great, but for $50 more they’ll love the new model’s OLED display with improved graphics.


Just like last 2021, we expect this product to be a popular gift, largely because it’s still one of the best consoles you can get with many games like The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Bros.


Read: Fixes for Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On


Sony PlayStation Plus Membership From $18

SONY PlayStation

What a gift. I wish I was the one receiving the Sony PlayStation Plus Membership as a gift.


Sony’s option doesn’t include a game-streaming service, but it’ll give your recipient access to free games every month, plus online play.


The gift receiver will be happy to explore hundreds of games and enjoy their time. This is the gift every gamer and techie would want to receive and be happy to have.


Netflix Gift Card from $60 or a Spotify premium subscription

Netflix and Spotify gift card

Netflix gift card gift is perfect for that person who is desperately waiting for the new season of Stranger Things or wants to check out Do Revenge. Anyone else can benefit from this gift and enjoy streaming up to the value.


And if you feel like they won’t love Netflix, try them with Spotify.


What’s better than the gift of great tunes at your fingertips? When you buy a year’s subscription of Spotify, you’ll save $20 compared to paying monthly.


That’s the gift anyone would want.


And if you’re generous enough, you can get them a combo of Netflix and Spotify subscriptions. Then that will be a perfect gift.


Equa Smart Water Bottle

Equa Smart Water bottle

The Equa premium smart water bottle is a perfect gift for forgetful hydraters. It’s a perfect way to remind him/her to drink water and stay hydrated.


It flashes a discrete LED rim regularly (at intervals) to remind the holder to drink water. Plus, you can connect the bottle to a smartphone app to track your daily water usage.


It has a sleek stainless-steel exterior, making it heftier than the average plastic bottle. But this also makes it durable and endlessly reusable.


Power Strip

Power strip

A power strip is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable, allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered (from one electrical socket). You expect a technician to have many electrical devices in proximity, such as for computer systems, audio, appliances, lighting, etc.


To power all these devices, a power strip will come in handy. Bestek’s eight-outlet power strip is a perfect tech accessory for techies’ home offices thanks to its spacious eight outlets and 4 USB ports.


Aside from a clear on-off switch, the BESTEK features ample power and surge protection, meaning fewer worries as you plug in all your home office equipment.


Power strips are usually used when many electrical devices are in proximity. They often include a circuit breaker to interrupt the electric current in case of an overload or a short circuit. Some power strips provide protection against electrical power surges.


Laptop holder or Laptop Stand

Laptop holder or laptop stand

A laptop stand is a device raised off a table or any other flat surface on which a laptop can be set.


Having a laptop on a laptop stand makes it easier to work on and use because it brings the screen closer to eye level. It also allows the keyboard to be at an angle instead of being flat horizontally, which is more ergonomic and puts less stress on your wrists.


Isn’t this a perfect gift for a techie who uses a laptop often? Try the gift!

You can choose from different laptop stand models - large, compact, straight, foldable, etc.


Travel tumbler

Travel tumbler

If the Smart Water Bottle or other Hydro Flask is too ubiquitous for the person you want to gift, grab them something more refined: a Travel Tumbler.


We recommend MiiR’s Insulated Travel Tumbler. Why?


First, you can get it in over six colors. Second, the tumbler features Thermo 3D double-wall vacuum insulation. This helps eliminate condensation and keeps water or other drinks hot or cold for much longer.


Also, the lid locks down to prevent leakage, making it a high-quality gadget just for drinks - a techie understands quality.


And unlike other tumblers, it’s slim enough to fit into a car cup holder and looks good.


In Conclusion


Which gift have you found fit for your giftee? Can we help you acquire it?


This is the perfect time to start shopping for the perfect gift for your favored ones. Don’t let this period go to waste.


The best gift is the one that exhilarates the receiver. Make it count.


Thanks for reading up to here :)


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