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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit

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Buy Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit from Softwarekeep

A More Popular, Much Improved Windows 8 Experience

Windows 8 brought a revolutionary new approach to the Microsoft Windows operating system, but it had its problems, or at least some users felt it did. By now, most people know the complaints: the new look wasn’t what they expected; the Start Menu was missing; some programs had been eliminated that they wanted back.

Microsoft heard the complaints and responded with Windows 8.1, which doubles down on all of the best and most revolutionary parts about Windows 8 (like the app-focused solutions) and fixes the complaints.

The professional edition comes with a whole set of new security and cloud features that make it easier for your OS to keep up with the changing world of technology.

Enjoy the best of Windows 8 with all the advantages of the 8.1 upgrade in Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit.

Is this not the version of Microsoft Windows you want to install on your PC? No worries. We have every major Microsoft Windows release, so you can browse and choose the one that hits all the marks for you.


Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit Features

More App Capabilities, More Enjoyable Navigation, and Much More

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit has so much to offer, it would be impossible to cover it all here. It’s an operating system with incredible flexibility and potential, especially for the businesspeople out there looking to work with it in a professional capacity.

To focus on some of the major features, here are some of the best of what Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit has to offer:

The best of Windows 8, with corrections: This edition represents a course correction for Windows 8. First of all, all the app features and touch navigation abilities that users loved are here and even upgraded. At the same time, the Start Menu is back, and some critical changes were made to the Start screen (including the ability to boot and avoid it entirely). Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit is everything people loved about Windows 8 and none of what they hated.

An app-focused experience: Let’s get to the stand out feature here: the apps. The metro tiles are still here for easier access to all your most important apps, although you can now also access them through the Start Menu. There are also even more apps to get through the Windows Store to address your business needs. One new feature that is particularly stellar is the ability to open apps from within apps, saving time and allowing a more fluid interaction between apps.

Multitask across four windows: Another major new feature related to apps is the ability to run four apps at once in four windows that can be tiled across the screen. This allows for a high level of multi-tasking between apps during crucial business work.

All your favorite media programs: Enjoy the return of some of the most popular and useful Windows media programs, including Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Media Player. These programs have also received upgrades that keep them familiar but provide even more usability.

Cloud solutions on your OS: One of the standout upgrades for Professional is the connection to the cloud. Bring the OneDrive cloud down to earth with the ability to save, access, and share documents, media files, and much more. This feature is perfect for those who transition between multiple devices.

More security for your important files: This edition also comes with a new Transparent Device Encryption system that doesn’t just encrypt your files, but makes them invisible to those who are not authorized users on the device. Biometrics can also be used to add another layer of security to your device.

3-D printing potential: Add new 3-D printing capabilities to your operating system.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements required for the installation of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional License 32/64 Bit

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro - 32/64-bit, 
  • Upgrade from: Windows 8
  • Language: English
  • Min Processor Type: 1 GHz
  • Min RAM Size: 2 GB
  • Min Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
  • Additional Requirements: DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card

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