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SQL Server 2016 + 10 Device CALs

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SQL Server 2016 + 10 Device CALs

$1,599.99 USD $1,999.00
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Technology keeps on changing because new platforms are developed, and data processing techniques are improved to match the technology advancements. SQL Server 2016 is one of the many top-notch technology developments, in the industry, designed as a cloud-compatible Operating System that supports all current workloads while introducing new features that simplify transitioning to cloud computing. Each device used to access your server needs a CAL and now you can have more devices accessing your server with the SQL Server 2016 + 10 Device CALs to help you achieve more with your server.  

Does your business need a new device to access or use your Server network? SQL Server 2016 comes with separate +10 Device CALs, which will allow you to add more devices as your business grows. It is also ideal for a business that has more devices for users. Thus, you can now grow your team anytime on your terms.

Designed under the thread of consistent innovation and cutting-edge technology data platforms, the SQL Server 2016 version gives you new experiences with its new, improved features. You get to use the relational database management system that runs with expanded capabilities and accompanied by increased performance, more security, and cloud support. Additional benefits are more intelligent reporting and integrated analytics capabilities.  


  • Add devices to your server: if you started with one device on your server environment, this product that allows you to add more devices because of the additional device CALs.
  • Utilize New Security Layers: that the system brings, including possessing Azure-inspired innovation for the infrastructure and applications, which can transform your way of doing business.
  • Proven, predictable performance: is the definition of SQL Server 2016 as recognized by its consistent wins in TPC-E, TPC-H, and real-world application performance benchmarks.
  • Leverage the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit: when you are all systems ready to transition your workloads to the public cloud, you can leverage on the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit to help you transfer your on-premises data to Azure.
  • Made for hybrid cloud: through Microsoft Azure, and other improved technologies, you are now exposed to a consistent platform and tooling to ease your workload mobility between your datacenter, private cloud, or public cloud.
  • High availability and disaster recovery: you will gain greater uptime, faster failover, improved manageability, and better use of hardware resources through the new technology called AlwaysOn, which is a unified solution for high availability.
  • Get introduced to enterprise scalability across compute, networking, and storage because SQL Server, which has now scaled up to physical processing to intelligent processing 
  • Faster queries: you will enjoy the several options and capabilities for enabling faster queries to deliver data, immediately when users want them. Server 2016 also exposes you to Memory-optimized tables, which now support even faster online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads, with better throughput
  • PolyBase: you can now easily query data in Azure Blob Storage or Hadoop and syndicate the results with the stored relational data in your SQL Server.
  • End-to-end mobile BI: enables you to transform your data into actionable insights, which are deliverable on any device – Windows, Mac, etc. – as well as online or offline, and all these provided at a reduced cost.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing SQL Server 2016 + 10 Device CALs:

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Disk Space: 512 MB

SQL Server 2016 is designed with capabilities that will help you and your business improve decision-making, and make processes and applications more efficient. The capabilities extend to help you in solving complex business glitches while reducing application complexities for developers, users, and administrators.

Being an improvement of previous SQL server series, SQL Server 2016 has new features and new technology for a better experience. It is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of building high-performance, mission-critical applications, as well as business intelligence solutions and enterprise-ready big data assets to help your organization make smarter, faster decisions. Additionally, you will enjoy the flexibility of deployment in the hybrid environment, which spans on the premises and in the cloud with a host of other improved capabilities and benefits.

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