How can I search and filter emails?

Search and filter commands are powerful tools to help find emails anywhere in outlook. Learn how to use the search and filter emails using our guide here.

As time passes and your inbox becomes cluttered with various incoming emails, you may have a hard time finding specific messages.

Maybe a work event was planned and you cannot remember the date. Or, maybe your boss sent you a new assignment and no matter how much you scroll, you cannot find the initial email. This can be stressful and frustrating, especially if you are in a time crunch.

Well, lucky for you, there is an easier way to find those pesky emails that seem to be hiding from you.

Outlook gives you a powerful tool to find any former emails via its search function.

  1. Locate the search bar and click within it.
    search feature
  2. Search for a phrase, name, email address, or subject to find the email you desire.

How to refine your search result

  1. Click the search bar and type in the name or subject of an email that you wish to find.
  2. Choose one of the many options for widening or refining your search, such as: All Mailboxes, Current Folder, Subfolder, Current Mailbox, or All Outlook Items.
  3. Once you have chosen the Refine group, you can select another category to further filter your search:
  • From - This only shows the emails that you have received from a specific person.
  • Subject - This only shows the emails based on a specific subject.
  • Has Attachment - This only shows the emails that have an attachment included.
  • Categorized - This only shows the results that have a specific category assigned to them.
  • This Week - This only shows emails based on when the message was received. Options include Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, or Last Year.
  • Sent to - This only shows emails Sent to You. Not emails that are Sent Directly to You or Sent to Another Recipient.
  • Unread - This only shows messages that have not been read yet.
  • Flagged - This only shows emails that you have been formerly flagged by you.
  • Important - This only shows emails that you have marked as important.
  • More - This gives you the option of choosing advanced criteria to filter your emails, such as Sensitivity or Cc.
How can I search and filter emails

   4. After you have chosen the categories you wish to filter your email through, you can click “Recent Searches” to run the same searches again.

   5. Once you are finished, click the Close Search button to close the search tab.


email filters

One thing that you may like to note is that Outlook only saves the recent search query. It does not save the results. If you want to learn more about filtering and searching through your emails, you should check out our help article here.

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