How to Create and Send Emails in Outlook

This is a step by step guide on how to create and send emails in Outlook. Click here to learn more.

Using Outlook is very similar to using any other email platform. However, it helps to know the steps on how to use it to send and create emails. Here are the steps to do so.

How to create and send emails on Outlook

Steps on how to create and send emails in Outlook

  1. Start by selecting the New Email option to set up a new message
  2. Navigate to the text field named To, Bcc, or Cc and enter an email address or name
  3. If you are unable to find the Bcc text field, refer to Show, Hide, and view the Bcc  
  4. Next, navigate to the Subject box, and enter in email subject of your message
  5. In order to type your message, navigate to the body of the email message and place your cursor there.
  6. After completing your message, you can then select send.

It is also possible to use @ mentions in order to get the attention of your recipient. Here are the steps in order to do so.

Using @mentions in Outlook


  1. While typing in the body of the email or your calendar invitation, type the @ symbol. You should then only have to enter a few letters of the contact’s first or last name before the rest of it will be auto-filled.
  2. Outlook will then offer the suggestion of one or more suggestions, and you can choose the specific contact that you want to mention.
  3. Keep in mind that by default, the contact’s entire name will be mentioned. If you would like to do so, you can delete a portion of the mention. For example, you will still be able to mention your contact with only their first name included.
  4. The mentioned contact’s name will then be added to the To text field of the email or meeting invitation.

Lastly, Outlook has included a feature called Focus Inbox. This is in place to help you focus on the emails that are most important to you. It separates your inbox into two categories, Other and Focused. If your inbox is not sorted to your preference, you can always shuffle them around and even set where you would like future messages delivered from that sender. Here are the steps in order to use Focus Inbox.

How to set up a focused in box in outlook

  1. First, navigate to the Other or Focused tab, and select the one you want.
  2. Right-click the message you would like to relocate and then you can select the options either Move to Other or Move to Focused.
  3.  It is also possible to turn your Focused Inbox on and off.
  4. In order to do so, select View and then Show Focused Inbox.

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