How to Make Affiliate Marketing Your Full-Time Job

In this article, you'll learn how affiliate marketing can give you the power to work from the comfort of your home and make your own workday schedule.

Working from the comfort of one’s home has always been a fascinating concept many people try to pursue. Having the ability to make your own schedule and live in near complete control of how you spend your day does sound desirable, doesn’t it? But the question is — can you achieve it with affiliate marketing?

Make Affiliate Marketing Your Full-Time Job


If you’re looking to leave your tedious, boring, and exhausting 9 to 5 lifestyle in the office, you might want to start looking into affiliate marketing.

We all talk about earning passive income, getting a remote job, and working online, but not everyone has the chance to get hired for such a desired position. Instead, a much more realistic approach to transition into online working would be through earning money with affiliate marketing first.

Let’s explore this concept, the things you need to know before you get started, and how you can earn a full-time income with affiliate marketing.

Do I leave my job to do affiliate marketing?

The short answer: no! Or at least, not yet.

When you first start affiliate marketing, you’re most likely not going to earn a lot of money, if any money at all. It takes dedication and consistency to grow your affiliate brand, and the process may take longer than you thought.

Until you make a level of revenue from affiliate money that you can sustain yourself without a regular job, don’t even consider quitting. A sad but very real fact reveals that almost 90% of the people who begin affiliate marketing eventually give up pursuing the topic. This is an extremely large number, and your goal is to be in the 10% that succeeds. Besides, getting a remote job or working online might be something to pursue if you're comofrtable doing affiliate marketing.

Don’t get ahead of yourself and hold your horses. Yes, having to tend to your current job will slow down the process of getting your affiliate career on track, but quitting is not a risk worth taking. Instead, put together a schedule for yourself and dedicate a couple of hours each day to polish your marketing. Whether it’s working on your blog or website, promoting, or getting email signups, a few hours every day can go a long way.

Is it still possible to make full-time income with affiliate marketing?

Despite the slow build-up to a successful platform, it’s completely possible to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing. Once you’ve made it big, you’ll know it. A poll on the STM Forum has revealed that some users make between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 with the help of affiliate marketing.

Once the money you get from affiliates is enough to live on through affiliate marketing only, congratulations! You can probably inform your boss about leaving now.

How to be a full-time affiliate marketer

Below are some tips on how you can take your first steps to become a successful affiliate marketer. By following these tips, you might even be able to earn a consistent, high income that replaces your current full-time job.

Choose the right niche

choose the right niche in affiliate marketing

No matter what niche you choose, you will face competition. The online market is growing every day, and less discovered topics are being populated by people looking to make profit.

Choose a niche that has plenty of content for you to cover, and plenty of related products you could promote. A pro tip from us: try to look for a subgroup or sub-genre in your niche! For example, instead of making a blog about cooking and food in general, simply focus on baking cupcakes.

Bottom line: Choose a niche that’s interesting, but not overpopulated.

Join a good affiliate program

Join a good affiliate program

Not all affiliate programs are for everyone. This means that you might want to experiment with all the available options until you find the right one.

To have a better chance of clicks converting to buyers, the affiliate programs you join should allow you to advertise products related to your niche. For example, if you run a technology blog, you could become affiliates with Bluehost or ConvertKit and promote technology products to your target audience.

Bottom line: Staying relevant is the #1 priority when affiliate marketing. For example — if your audience mainly consists of folks interested in technology, the chances of them wanting to purchase a baking tray with your affiliate link is very low. 

Promote your products

promote your products

So, you’ve made your blog and uploaded a bunch of content with your affiliate links, but no one is clicking on them. It’s time to start promoting. There are many different things you can do, such as:

  • Pay your platform to display ads.
  • Team up with other content creators or writers and give each other shout-outs.
  • Optimize your content for search engines to get a better chance to appear in the top results of Google, Bing, and so on. (SEO)
  • Promote new articles, videos, and products quickly to a large audience by building an email list. If you want to learn more, check out our How to Start Your Own Email List article!

Bottom line: Stay consistent and promote on multiple different platforms.

Final thoughts

If you need any further help, don’t be afraid to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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