10 Professional PowerPoint Templates to Outdo Your Presentation (Part 3)

Have you ever been on a time-crunch and had to finish a presentation as soon as possible?
10 Professional PowerPoint Templates to Outdo Your Presentation (Part 3)

Have you ever been on a time-crunch and had to finish a presentation as soon as possible? Do you just consider yourself someone who has more experience coming up with the content of a project and not so much the design and artistic elements of putting together a presentation?

You have come to the right place. In this article, you can find 10 incredible templates that allow you to quickly get the job done without having to sacrifice any quality. These templates work in a variety of topics and can supply you with everything you need to grab the attention of your audience and engage them with your project.

Waste no time and start using PowerPoint templates to their fullest potential!

Juliet Presentation Template

This artsy template provides you with a powerful brushstroke look combined with minimalistic typography and an off-white background. The colors of the features stroke itself can be customized simply by changing the gradient colors, allowing you to truly make this template yours.

Roderigo Presentation Template

This modern template is multipurpose, meaning that you can use it for just about anything. However, the included illustrations heavily rely on portraying office-like actions, making Roderigo a perfect presentation template for business purposes.

Ursula Presentation Template

Are you leaning towards a more playful, yet still good-looking design? Ursula might just do it for you. This blackboard inspired template brings you back to the good old days, making a perfect template for educational topics.

Emilia Presentation Template

Emilia's formal design makes it a possibility for you to create stunning, business-related presentations. The vivid colour choices create a wonderful contrast between the images and your content.

Marina Presentation Template

This modern template was put together for people who are looking to present professional and business topics. The design is clean and professional, yet still remains modern and up-to-date with current design trends to impress your audience.

Ganymede Presentation Template

This colourful template is perfect for grabbing the attention of anyone in your audience. Its large titles and high contrast between the background and content makes everyone available to read your presentation with ease.

Nathaniel Presentation Template

The illustrative background and hand-drawn icons of this template give off a playful yet well put together vibe, perfect for more lighthearted presentations such as technology, designs, or even certain educational topics.

Valentine Presentation Template

This template is styled around the concept of building plans but works for programming and engineering presentations as well. Valentine definitely lives up to its name; the wonderful icons and shapes, as well as the background,  create an interesting design your audience is ought to love at first sight.

Trinculo Presentation Template

Trinculo is a template that aims to achieve a folded-paper look with its fonts that resemble handwriting, the powerful paper background as well as creative, hand-drawn icons. The colour of the actual paper can be customised easily, allowing you to create some pop and visual interest.

Ragonize Presentation Template

Would you like to present powerful data without having to sacrifice the need to add equally powerful images? Ragonize is compatible with almost all kinds of presentations - you can focus more on displaying images, or utilise both huge images and important data on the same slide without making the slide look cluttered.