Cyber Monday 2022 Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

Cyber Monday 2022 will fall on Monday, November 28. Get early Cyber Monday sales and deals in advance and enjoy early Cyber Monday delivery.
Cyber Monday 2022 Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss

Cyber Monday 2022 Deals and sales


Don't miss the sale! SoftwareKeep is offering incredible Cyber Monday deals this November! Now, our most popular products can be yours for a discounted price. We have decreased the price throughout our entire store; we're also giving away a special discount code so you can save even more money! Hurry before it's too late!


So, you want to know which apps are on sale? We’ve got your back, give this post a read!


We’ll explain all about the products on sale right now and how they can help manage a business and life as a whole. Become more organized with the help of innovative technology.


What is the Cyber Monday sale?


You’re a little early … but still in luck


Get 20% off your products!


The Cyber Monday Sale is the best time to finish your shopping before the holidays. You’ll find everything you need at a great price. We have all the top products and services, so you can find something that will make everyone happy this year.


Shop now and save big with our exclusive Cyber Monday deal! With savings like these, you won't want to miss out on any of our discounts. Don't wait — shop now before it's too late!


When is Cyber Monday 2022


November 28, 2022


Cyber Monday deals are now just a few weeks away from officially appearing. Cyber Monday 2022 falls on November 28 this year, but we'll see tons of excellent sales well before that date.


If you’re shopping at SoftwareKeep, use promo code CYBER20 at checkout for 20% OFF!


Why are the Cyber Monday deals starting so early this year?


Well, first we care about you. We want you to get early deliveries on our hot-ticket items.


As demands increase closer, we get to Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2022 - so we’re spreading our offers out.


Want deals on Black Friday? Check our Black Friday 2022 offers here: The best Black Friday deals 2022: Top offers from SoftwareKeep.


Cyber Monday product highlights


Here are the products you’ll want to pay attention to during Cyber Monday. These are the hottest items at our sale, so you won't want to miss out!


Windows 11 — Huge sale starts now!


Cyber Monday deals and sales on Microsoft Windows 11


Windows 11 entered the market earlier this year, and it's been a huge success. The operating system has changed in many ways from its predecessor.


A new user interface, better security, more features are some of the things to look forward to. Today, it can be yours for a cheaper price than ever before!


The new Windows 11 system comes with many improvements over other systems. The reimagined interface makes for a smoother experience; get more done in less time. Whether you need a computer for work, school, or gaming, Windows 11 is the best, most innovative system to pick.


Here’s some of what’s included in Windows 11:


  • Renewed user interface with a sleek, modern look, new taskbar, improved Start menu, and more!
  • Better security to keep your system and device safe from malware, hackers, and other cyber threats
  • Multitasking features and split views
  • Improved accessibility with a whole new on-screen keyboard, voice dictation, and multi-monitor support
  • Widgets to keep you in the loop
  • Multiple virtual desktops


During our Cyber Monday sale, you can get Windows 11 for the lowest price on the market. Don't waste your time and buy it before the promotion ends if you're planning to upgrade!


Windows 10 — Huge sale starts now!


Cyber Monday deals and sales on Windows 10

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Enterprise

Microsoft Office 2021 — Sale ends November 30th!


Cyber Monday deals and sales on Microsoft Office 2021


Did you know that there's a new version of Microsoft's hit product, Office? That's right. Office 2021 is here and it's cheaper than ever before — at least for a short while.


Office 2021 includes the following applications:


  • Word 2021 — The latest version of the word processing software.
  • Excel 2021 — Updated spreadsheet app with cloud integration and new formulas.
  • PowerPoint 2021 — Cinematic themes that let you create beautiful slideshows and presentations in no time.
  • Outlook 2021 — The email client with better organization options, calendars, planning, and contacts.

… and much more!


SoftwareKeep is the best place to find all the Cyber Monday deals on software and technology, so go now before it's too late! Are you interested?


You better hurry! The sale ends soon.


Microsoft Office 2019 — Ongoing sale!


Cyber Monday deals and sales on Microsoft Office 2019


If you've been planning to get your hands on the most famous Microsoft Office suite, now is the time! It's on sale for Cyber Monday only, and you can save with over 20% off discounts.


Microsoft Office 2019 includes some of the following applications you can’t afford to miss out on:


  • Microsoft Word 2019
  • Microsoft Excel 2019
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Access 2019
  • Microsoft Project 2019
  • Microsoft Publisher 2019
  • Microsoft Visio 2019


Regardless of whether or not it's the newest version, Office 2019 is a popular choice amongst our customers. It provides everything needed for people who want to take their work seriously. You can take advantage of Office 2019 from home, from the office, or even take it with you on the go — no matter what you’re doing!


It also makes it easy as pie to write up a variety of pieces. Need an essay done? Want to put together a business proposal? Are you working on a wedding invite? With features like grammar check, formatting and templates coming right out-of box, you’ll never struggle again.


This sale won't last long, so take advantage of it while you can.


Cyber Monday sales Microsoft Office + Windows Combos


Cyber Monday deals and sales on Windows and Microsoft Office Combos


Get our Combo products to enjoy the best bundles you’ll ever find:


How to activate SoftwareKeep discount code


To activate our exclusive Cyber Monday sale coupon, you need to copy and paste the coupon code CYBER20 during checkout. The website will automatically apply the discount to any eligible item(s) you’re purchasing!


It’s that simple! Now, you can start shopping and enjoying your limited-time 20% off discount voucher from us.


Cyber Monday 2022 sales tips for shopping success

For easier online shopping and checkout during the Cyber Monday 2022 Sale, it can be helpful to plan ahead and set up your Softwarekeep account.


You can also create a list of tech and software you hope to find on sale during the event, so you don’t miss out on those hot offers on the products you’ve been wanting.


With the holiday season here with us, the Cyber Monday 2022 Sale is a great opportunity to pick up great tech and software gifts at budget-friendly prices.


For many shoppers, the best part about Cyber Monday is getting the deals without having to leave the comfort of home. You can shop the Cyber Monday Sale on your computer, tablet or smartphone — from wherever you have an internet connection. It's a shopping experience that works for just about anyone.


Before you go


Cyber Monday is here and we want to help you get the best deals on Windows 11, Office 2021, and other Microsoft products!


Our exclusive coupon code CYBER20 will save you 20% off any order through November 30th at midnight PST.


PS: Share these deals on your socials so that someone else can know about them. Everyone wins :)


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