Check Out This Top-Earning Affiliate

Learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing from one of our top-earning affiliates, including details of his journey and success.
Check Out This Top-Earning Affiliate

Learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing from one of our top-earning affiliates. In this article, Zach details all his success after becoming a SoftwareKeep affiliate, and the journey he took to get to the top.

Top-Earning Affiliate


“Hello, my name is Zach Flores. I’m a proud affiliate-marketer and run a blog dedicated to Microsoft Office. I was delighted to see that SoftwareKeep has an affiliate program, as we make a perfect partnership.”


Zach, just like many other customers, became our affiliate early on. He’s now a top-earning member of our program and continues to make passive income by simply promoting our products with his referral link on his popular blog. We asked him how he started his blog and what motivated him to keep going.


“I started my blog with the intention to generate some extra income. At the time, I had an office job as an accountant and often brainstormed about how I could earn more money without sacrificing my free time.


One day, I was looking to purchase my own subscription to Office 365 in order to work from home. That’s when I stumbled upon SoftwareKeep. At first, I was just a casual shopper, I made some purchases (for a really good price, mind you,) and looked around on their Help Center whenever I was having an issue.


However, things changed when I discovered SoftwareKeep’s Blog section and its affiliate program. It suddenly felt like everything clicked in my head.”


Just like Zach, you can find many interesting and helpful articles in our blog section. We often write about trending topics, technology news, and have published a series of articles on affiliate marketing. Zach was on the right website at the right time to catch our Why Be a SoftwareKeep Affiliate? article.


“Not going to lie, I spent almost the entire day at work thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer. I knew it’d be a great way to generate more cash flow and I could think of many ways to create content. Ultimately, I settled on making a blog.


Honestly, it doesn’t take much effort to get started with a blog. There are many affordable website hosts, even some free ones, that offer great quality service for your buck. I started out on Medium, but quickly moved to WordPress once I was able to set aside some money for the fees and domain.”


We support beginners like Zach — articles such as How to Be a Great Affiliate are available on our website to teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing without having to pay a penny.


“Soon after publishing some of my own content, I applied to become affiliates with SoftwareKeep. I joined a couple of other programs as well to expand my reach and potentially have more sources of income.


Luckily, the field I chose as my niche is already something I was passionate about. Technology has always been a large part of my life, and it always interested me how software gets developed, improved, and what the public demands in new-gen tools. This made creating content quite easy, almost natural.


In the beginning, I didn’t get many commissions from sales, but every month I noticed some improvement. I always looked on the brighter side — any progress is progress, after all. Any time I wasn’t losing visitors and commission sales, I was already motivated to keep going.”


What makes Zach a perfect affiliate marketer is the ability to overcome obstacles, manage expectations, and great knowledge of the market. Now, Zach earns a substantial amount of income from his blog while promoting products he loves.


“I’m so thankful for affiliate marketing. It really changed my life for the better. I earn enough money to take a long vacation from work and still come home with profits. It’s truly amazing, and it wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t start all those years ago.


If you’re reading my words, chances are you’re interested in getting started in this field. Take it from me: just do it. Don’t think about the what ifs and don’t doubt your ability to succeed. If you follow the tips and guides provided by websites like SoftwareKeep, you’ll find the fruits of your effort sooner or later.”


We’d like to thank Zach for his continued support and the interview. We hope his story has inspired you to become a SoftwareKeep affiliate — start today by signing up for our affiliate program.

Final thoughts

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