Make Your College Budget Stretch Further with Software Keep

If you’re off to school for the fall, you know the expenses that come with it. Save money through softwarekeep when buying Microsoft Office or Windows 10.
Make Your College Budget Stretch Further with Software Keep

If you’re off to school for the fall, you know what an expense it can be. That’s where having a budget comes in. It helps you get through the semester with ease.

Rather than pay full price for Microsoft Office or Windows 10, why not shop where you know you’ll get a discount? Software Keep sells authentic Microsoft products at deep discounted prices.

You’ll be able to stretch your college budget further thanks to the savings we provide our customers.

One Software Suite with Many Possibilities

Instead of relying on a diet of Ramen noodles, why not get one software suite that takes care of most of your academic needs? Office 2016 Student is among the most popular products we sell because of everything it can do for academics. Tackle that group project, twenty-page report or fundraiser with ease.

You’ll have access to tools such as PowerPoint Designer, which helps you determine the best layout for your slideshow presentations; tell Me What You Want to Do in Word, which lets you find the command you need instantly; and ways to add charts, notes, doodles, and insights in notebooks in OneNote. The work you turn in this school year will be outstanding because of the tools and features you now have access to as a Microsoft Office user.

Many possibilities come with working with Office regularly. The skills you acquire can help you seek employment with big-name companies or even start a small business. That’s yet another reason you’ll want to purchase a digital copy of Office 2016 Student and get acquainted with what it can do for you.

The More You Know, The More Hirable You Become

All about productivity, Office makes seemingly difficult tasks easier through shortcuts, tricks, and hacks. You’ll learn more about the software’s different tools and features by exploring the resources you find online and on our blog. Before you know it, you’ll be proficient in the different programs that make up MS Office.

Many employers seek candidates with very specific skills. Knowing how to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook increases your chances of getting a job with the employer of your choice after college. Consider every paper you write and every presentation you deliver this semester to practice for the future.

Desirable Microsoft Office skills vary from program to program but if you use them regularly, you should be good come graduation time. You’ll be ready to list your knowledge, experience, and education on your resume. That will help you get the attention you deserve as a graduate.

Use Microsoft Office to Launch Your Own Dorm Room Business

Some very successful business owners started their businesses while in college. You could literally launch yours from the comfort of your dorm room. Now that you have Microsoft Office downloaded, installed, and running, you’ll be able to market your great ideas.

Create brochures, business cards, letterhead, flyers, and even invoices using Word. You can customize each through the Design tab, which allows you to play around with background colors, fonts, borders, icons, photos, and more. Let everyone in town know what your business is all about by using the same software that you use for school.

That makes wise use of your investment. Microsoft products pay for themselves after you see how much you use them. They give you the most bang for your buck.

Software Keep Provides Discounts on Authentic Microsoft Software

Make your college budget stretch further with Software Keep. One software suite, such as Microsoft Office 2016 Student takes the place of multiple pieces of software.

You’ll have access to a powerhouse word processor, spreadsheet creator, note keeper, and slideshow maker. Any papers, graphs, charts, notes, and presentations you must do throughout the schoolyear can be made in Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

Best of all, we offer a price match guarantee on the exact same products you find through other retailers. We’ll beat their price so that you have another reason to shop with us, not them. Save your money for textbooks and pizza. We don’t even charge for technical support in the event you run into a problem with the Office software you downloaded to your Mac or PC.