Microsoft Office Features That are Valuable to College Students

So, you’re getting into the swing of college but know that it isn’t practical to spend all of your time in the computer lab.
MS Office features

So, you’re getting into the swing of college but know that it isn’t practical to spend all of your time in the computer lab. Now that you’ve bought your own desktop or laptop to use, it’s time to download MS Office onto it. Deciding what version of the software to buy and download takes time and research. Knowing what features are offered with Student Microsoft Office is key.

Before you sink your money into another version of Microsoft Office, first understand what makes the Student version ideal for people attending college. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the features, you can then download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC. Knowing what you’re paying for when you buy MS Office helps you get the most bang from your software buck.

Templates Make Creating Professional Documents and Presentations Easy

You don’t need to have design experience to communicate ideas well. All you need is one of the many Word, Excel or PowerPoint templates that come with your digital download of MS Office. Share your ideas with others in a clear, concise manner and let others know just how professional you really are.

From creating a resume to designing a flyer to announce your band’s next gig, Word provides you with a variety of template options. You can easily customize information by choosing the colors and font that best represents you. Downloading additional templates is easy, too, because you’ll find additional options for free on

Digital Trends explains how easy it is to create your own templates. It’s a three-step process that requires you to launch the Microsoft Word software, open a new, blank document, and create your template. From there, you can save your work with ease and revisit the document whenever you want to save time.

Take Notes That Help You Study Smarter Not Harder

OneNote notebooks are where you collect and share information. This program allows you to write, type, click, and even swipe notes into different notebooks. When there is a group project demanding your time, you can make things easier on yourself by sharing your notes with your classmates.

Lifehacker explains how easy it is to embed almost anything into OneNote. The list includes handwritten recipes, audio recordings of lectures, and screenclippings. Adding guides for handwriting and drawing is another option that OneNote offers.

Here’s how Microsoft suggests you do it. First, while on the ribbon, click View. Then click Rule Lines proceeded by clicking on any style while on the menu. If you like what you see, you can keep it or choose another.

Share Files with Ease

When you download MS Office, you’re also able to store your files online. This allows you and other people of your choice to review and edit them. Imagine how much time this saves you when you’re submitting a project to your college professor and asking your classmates for feedback.

This is a timesaving feature that also allows you to back up your work in the event that there is a power surge or your computer hard drive fails. You won’t have to worry about losing the report you spent weeks writing because you’ll have a copy of it safely stored online.

If you use Word for Mac 2013, you’re able to create documents with other users with the software. Once you’ve both opened the doc, editing it is easy. You’re able to open the file from a common location and work on it together, not separately.

Software Keep Gives You Options

As you can see, when you download Office from SoftwareKeep for school, you’re given a variety of options. You can have the latest version of Student software or choose to go with an older version because you’re more familiar with it. You can also download Microsoft Office on a Mac or PC and use it for your classes, homework, and extracurricular activities.

Once you’ve purchased your digital download and received an email with download instructions in it, you’re all set. You’ll be on your way to using Microsoft Office Student before you know it. With so many colleges around the country requiring word processing software for their classes, is it any wonder why Office continues to improve its products year after year?

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