Visual Studio Online: Try Microsoft Web Based Visual Studio Now

Now, Visual Studio Online can help you be more productive than before by providing you with a fully configured development environment in minutes.
Visual Studio Online: Try Microsoft Web Based Visual Studio Now

Microsoft has launched Visual Studio, a cloud-powered development environment accessible from anywhere. It is a web-based application for developers who are interested in web development, with an integrated environment (IDE) used for developing programs, desktop applications, web services, and mobile apps.

What’s Microsoft Web Based Visual Studio?

Visual Studio provides a managed, on-demand development environment that users can take advantage of, for long-term projects. It provides a cloud-powered development for any activity you want to perform pertaining to program development.

You can work with environments anywhere using Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio IDE or other included browser-based editor. You can even connect with your own self-hosted environments to Visual Studio Online at no cost.

What’s Included in Microsoft Web Based Visual Studio?

Visual Studio Online brings many benefits, especially to the DevOps fields, such as repeatability and reliability. These are particular functionalities reserved for production workloads and development environments.

Visual Studio Online is also personalized to allow developers to leverage the tools, processes and configurations that they love. All you need is to sign to the environment, create a plan, create an environment, connect to and use the environment and save or delete the environment.

a. Managed environment for any projects

Whether you are looking for long-term projects or working on a short feature, Visual Studio Online can help you be more productive by providing you with a fully configured development environment.

There is an online set of anything you need to be productive, be it source code, runtimes, linters and debuggers, or extensions.

b. Develop from anywhere

Visual Studio Online has a browser-based editor with support for Git Repos, extensions as well a built-in command line interface. All these help you edit, run and debug your applications from any device.

c. Feel at home, even when you’re away

Visual Studio Online roams your settings, Git identity, themes, and dotfiles. This means irrespective of the machine you’re using, you will have a personalized experience that looks and feels just the way you like.

It is common to act for developers to store their dotfiles on GitHub so that they can easily sync them between all their development environments.

d. Supercharged collaborative environment

Visual Studio Online environments come with a Live Share and IntelliCode built-in to enable real-time collaborations for your projects. It comes with AI-assisted code recommendations that are based on best practices from thousands of open-source repos.

e. Cloud Powered

It is cloud-powered and that means environments run using dedicated cloud resources. You can work with multiple projects simultaneously without worrying about slowing down your local machine.

Microsoft Visual Code Online allows you to connect your self-hosted environments and leverage your existing infrastructure at no cost. You can use any programming language and framework of your choice, Node.js, Python, .NET, Core, and many more.

You can also add any extension to your environments from Visual Studio Marketplace. You will do that in case you need any additional capabilities or debuggers, or when you want to connect to other services.