Save Hundreds of Dollars With These Google Chrome Extensions

Use these Google Chrome extensions to enhance your online experience and save money. These money saving extensions are highly sought after.
Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is already one of the most popular web browsers in 2024.

But did you know that it can do more for you than just let you browse? With extensions, you’re able to further enhance your online experience.

Today, we’ll be introducing you to the 7 best money-saving extensions for Google Chrome.

How to install Google Chrome extensions?

Installing extensions, also referred to add-ins, is an easy task. All you need to do is navigate to the Chrome Web Store page, or visit a link that directly takes you to the extension’s page.

  1. Find the extension you want to install. On the page, you’re able to review information, compatibility, reviews, and even get support with the extension directly from the developer.
    Google chrome extension
  2. Click on the Add to Chrome button.
    Add Chrome
  3. Read the warnings of the extension’s permissions. If you agree to grant permission, click on the Add extension button.

Top 7 Google Chrome extensions to save money

1. BeFrugal


BeFrugal you’re able to hit two birds with one stone. Get instant access to coupons on a number of supported websites, or see daily deals to get the best value on an item. The best of it all? If you make your own account, you’re able to generate cash back rewards for simply using the application’s coupons.

2. Cently


If you’re a fan of coupons,
Cently is your go-to solution. At the time of writing, Cently is already compatible with a large number of online stores, allowing you to get great discounts on your purchases. As you reach the checkout, the extension will automatically remind you and apply the best coupon code available.

3. Guru




is one of the best extensions for automatically finding and applying the best coupon code for your purchase. Additionally, it’s able to show you deals from a great number of websites to show you what items are currently on sale, and what sales are ongoing. What we love most about Guru is its innovative, modern interface allowing you to get access to deals with a single click.

4. Flight Fare Compare

Flight fare compare

You’d be surprised at how Flight Fare Compare alone can save you hundreds of dollars when traveling. It automatically compares the prices on Google Flights with a number of different websites, showing you the best available price for travel tickets. The extension is continuously updated and worked on, gradually expanding the sites available for comparison.

5. Honey


The internet’s favorite money-saving extension is
Honey. Simply install it and forget about it until it matters. Honey automatically detects when you’re about to make a purchase, and gives you the option to search for coupon codes and automatically test them for the biggest discount. Loyal Honey users also get generous rewards exchangeable for a variety of different gift cards.

6. CouponCabin Sidekick

couponcabin sidekick

Do you love coupons and cash back? Then you’ll love the
CouponCabin Sidekick extension. Using the thousands of new daily coupon codes from’s database, the extension is your helper when it comes to online shopping. It also generates great cash back deals specifically for registered users.

7. Piggy



Piggy is the extension with the best cashback rates. But that’s not all this extension does. Piggy also presents you the best price by finding lower price options, and automatically applying coupon codes at over 6,000 online stores. If you want an all-in-one solution, we definitely recommend adding this extension to your browser today.

8. DontPayFull

Don't Pay in Full

DontPayFull is a coupon extension that supports 25,000+ online stores. It helps shoppers get great discounts and deals, and the coupon codes are applied automatically at 10,000+ stores.

There are also 2,000+ exclusive codes and deals that can't be found any other way.

This Chrome extensions is 100% free and will help you keep more cash in your wallet.

Final thoughts

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