Using Microsoft Word to Create Business Cards for Your Company

A business card is a helpful tool that allows others to connect with you. It provides detailed information about who you are, your company, etc.
Using Microsoft Word to Create Business Cards for Your Company

A business card is a helpful tool that allows others to connect with you. It provides detailed information about who you are, what company you represent, the position you hold, and contact information such as a physical address, email address, website address, and phone number.

If you’re new to a company or starting your own business, you’ll want to check to create a business card off of your To-Do List.

Fortunately, with the help of Microsoft Word, you don’t have to hire a designer to do the task for you. The program has built-in tools that make business card creation fun and easy. You can even save the file as a template to revisit it repeatedly.

If you like to have a hand in the creation process, you’ll love having a complete software suite such as MS Office at your disposal.

Because time is of the essence, you’ll be able to digitally download a copy that meets your needs immediately from the Software Keep website. Purchasing from us helps you keep better tabs on your schedule because you don’t lose time waiting for a physical copy of your chosen software to arrive by mail or delivery service.

Templates Provide Hassle-Free Solutions for Your Promotional Campaign

Here’s what you need to do to get started on your business card. First, download and install Microsoft Office following the email instructions we’ve provided to you. Next, open MS Word by creating a new document and selecting Business Cards from the list of templates.

With the new doc open, choose a template that looks how you want it to. You’ll find a range of styles to choose from, including those catered to a specific job or industry. After selecting the template of your choice, click Download.

Highlight existing text and add your own personal details. You’ll then want to copy and paste the information to fit all cards on the page. This allows you to print a sheet filled with business cards instead of a single card.

You can customize the graphic by adding your own logo or photograph. To do so, click on the graphic, then Insert and Picture. You can resize the graphic by clicking on it and dragging the corners to fit the size of the card.

To keep things consistent, you’ll want to copy and paste the graphic onto each card before testing out your design. Always print a copy to see if anything is off on your end. If it is, make the corrections and save it as a new document instead of a template.

This ensures that you have a clean document to work with the next time you want to create business cards. If you simply want to add or change information, go to the file and make the adjustments before saving it again. Remember that saving a file prevents you from accessing the original.

Create Your Own Template from Scratch

If you’re interested in creating a template of your own from scratch, you’re able to. It does take longer than choosing a pre-made template. To start, open Word and click Mailings.

You’ll then need to choose Labels and Options. Click the Label Vendor and choose the manufacturer of the business cards you plan to use. Select the product number before clicking on OK.

Type your information into the business card before pressing Shift+Enter. This allows you to keep your text tight to format it easily later. Highlight the text before right-clicking with your mouse.

You’ll be given the option to choose a font size and style. Highlight the text again and choose Paragraph to adjust the alignment, indentation, and spacing. You’ll want to ensure that the Full Page of the Same Label button is selected under Print.

If you want to add graphics, click on the tab reading Insert before choosing a Picture. You’ll need to click Insert and then adjust the size by dragging the handles of the picture. You can have the text wrapped around the logo the way you want by selecting Text Wrapping and More Layout Options.

Copy and paste the graphics onto the template. Print a test page and make corrections. Then save the file so you can access it at a later date.

A Virtual Toolbox Filled with Software Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Create business cards for your company in Microsoft Word. Now that you know how to, you’ll find the task easy. You’ll create promotional material that helps make a great impression on the people you meet.

Best of all, if the information on the card changes, you can update it within Office and print it from a desktop printer for very little cost. You won’t have to throw away a box of cards because your phone number, email address, or position has changed within the company.