5+ Templates for Excel to Keep Track of Your Fitness

Be a more healthy person and keep track of your routine, calorie consumption, and other fitness-related activities with Excel templates.

Be a more healthy person and keep track of your routine, calorie consumption, and other fitness-related activities with Excel templates.

It’s a common misconception to think that Excel is only for mathematics and complex business data analysis. In reality, you can use Excel to track your fitness and health by taking advantage of well designed, intuitive workout log templates. They’re easy to use, and all you need to access them is Microsoft Excel on your computer or an Excel Online subscription.

Each template on our list can be customized and edited by you, with no restrictions. Make adjustments, change up the design, and transform the template to suit your personal needs.

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How to use Excel templates?

Once you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer, using a template is as easy as one-two-three. The steps below are universal to all templates you download from the internet, as built-in Excel templates already show up on your Welcome screen upon launching the application.

  1. Download the template you want to use. Make sure to only download from safe sources!
  2. Click on the file you downloaded to open the template in Excel. This is usually a file ending with the .xlsx or .dotx extension.
  3. Excel will open the template. Here, you can start using the template or customize it for your own needs using the tools you already know and love.
  4. To save your template, use the Ctrl + S (Save) keyboard shortcut to modify the original file, or the Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as) shortcut to create a separate file, leaving the blank template untouched.

Top Excel Templates to Keep Track of Your Fitness

Here are the important excel templates to help you keep track of your fitness 

1. Exercise Planner Template for Excel

exercise planner template for excel

A great exercise is a planned exercise. Make sure to use this template to think ahead and develop your routine into something you can follow and enjoy. This template includes all necessary parts of a workout, starting from the warmup phase all the way to the cool-down.

Tip: This template helps you plan ahead to fit your workout into your daily routine. If you can’t find the time to complete an entire workout, use this template to break a full session down to smaller, more manageable chunks.

What we love about this template is the added area for your information — customize this and fill in your information for future reference, or to easily work with a personal trainer.

Download or Edit in browser: Exercise planner by Microsoft (Free)

2. Weekly meal planner template

weekly meal planner template

Don’t forget that a crucial part of your health is the food you consume. Using this template, you can plan your meals for the upcoming week — snacks included.

Tip: Practice mindful eating. Chew slowly and feel the taste of the food, and consume smaller portions at a time. Don't forget to drink plenty of water after eating.

Using this template in conjunction with other templates on the list can be very helpful in improving your wellness. Aim to fill each field with something different every day, and only include healthy snacks with an occasional cheat day.

Download: Weekly meal planner by Microsoft (Free)

3. Daily Food Calorie and Fat Log Template for Excel

daily food calorie and fat log template for excel

Do you want a more in-depth analysis of the food you put into your body? This template is perfect for you. It breaks down your daily food intake and shows you a log of the calories and fat percentage. The summary and log make it easy to be mindful of what you’re eating, helping you make better food choices during the day.

Download or Edit in browser: Daily food calorie and fat log by Microsoft (Free)

4. Drink Log Spreadsheet Template for Excel

drink log spreadsheet

Water is your ace card when it comes to fitness. It helps you in more ways than we could list, and increasing your intake will easily make your health improve. To help you in your journey, Use this amazing water intake tracker by C Three Foundation.

Download: Drink log spreadsheet by C Three Foundation (Free)

5. Workout Chart Template for Excel

workout chart template

Another amazing and in-depth workout routine template comes from Vertex42. This template breaks down your workout, allowing you to fully customize your routine down to the small details.

Tip: The best workout is a workout you enjoy. Don’t strain yourself and dedicate enough time to warming up, resting in-between reps, and then cooling down once your routine is complete.

In this template, workouts are broken down into sections such as warmup, core body strength training, upper body training, and more. Each category is further detailed with sets, reps, weight, time, and notes for you to fill in.

Download: Workout chart by Vertex42 (Free)

6. Fitness Vision Template for Excel

fitness vision template

Set your goals properly with this beautiful premium template from Microsoft. Recognize your lifestyle objectives with an Excel fitness vision template at a glance. Four separate categories of "now and then" contrast where you are right now to where you want to be as you grow.

Keep this template up to date to inspire yourself on a regular basis, reminding you that your goals are within your reach. Be motivated and inspired to make a change and see your progress every day.

This template focuses on the four big categories that make up your health: fitness, nutrition, mind, and energy. See what needs the most work and begin a more healthy lifestyle with the help of this template.

Download: Fitness vision by Microsoft (Premium for Microsoft 365)

7.  Blood Pressure Tracker Template for Excel

blood pressure tracker template

Make sure your health issues are tracked as well as your health itself. People with high or low blood pressure problems can take full advantage of this template by logging measurements.

Use this template to notice any warning signs, and know when to contact your doctor about your blood pressure. The template also comes with an informative notice to help you measure your blood pressure and remind you when to consult professionals.

Download  or Edit in browser: Blood pressure tracker by Microsoft (Free)

Final thoughts

If you need any further help with Excel, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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