Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Festive Christmas Wallpapers 2024

Get Merry Christmas Wallpaper, live Christmas wallpaper, 3D Xmas wallpapers, adorable Christmas wallpapers iPhone, Christmas wallpaper desktop, etc.

Get Merry Christmas Wallpaper, live Christmas wallpaper, 3D Xmas wallpapers, adorable Christmas wallpapers iPhone, Christmas wallpaper desktops, etc.

Christmas Wallpapers

Behold, it’s Christmas - a time for joy and festive - be jolly and merry. And a time for Christmas decorations with Christmas trees, Christmas lights, songs, and dances. One more thing we’re decorating this year is our devices with Christmas wallpapers.

Each year, more and more users are interested in Christmas live wallpapers, Christmas screensavers for Windows 11/10, and Christmas wallpapers for iPhones.

So, in preparation for the festive holiday, we've gathered some of the best Christmas wallpapers to get into the Christmas spirit.

Whether you're looking for something cute and festive, or an aesthetic winter landscape, these beautiful Christmas wallpapers and screensavers will immediately get you in the holiday mood.

Merry Christmas from us at SoftwareKeep! TL;DR: Summary 

  • For iPhone users, we've found some adorable wallpapers featuring Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees.
  •  If you're looking for something a little more festive, try Christmas wallpaper with lights or snowflakes. 
  • And for those who want an aesthetic winter landscape, we’ve included wallpapers of frosty forests and snowy mountains.
  • If you prefer classic Christmas symbols, we give you, among others, a live wallpaper depicting a Christmas tree next to a fireplace.
  • We've also included examples of beautiful Christmas wallpapers featuring traditional scenes like Santa Claus in his sleigh or reindeer pulling a sled for desktop and laptop users. 
  • We've also included more modern designs, like geometric patterns and abstract light displays.
  • You’ll also find 3D Christmas live screensavers telling you that Christmas is knocking on your door.
  • No matter your taste, you will find a Christmas wallpaper or wallpaper category you love!

What is a Wallpaper?

What is a wallpaper?

A wallpaper, or desktop background, is a background image that covers a computer's or other device's screen. Simply it's the image (decorative) that fills your gadget’s background screen when all programs are closed. 

A wallpaper is also called a background, screensaver, desktop background, desktop picture, or desktop image on computers.

It’s usually a digital image (photo, drawing, gif, etc.) used as a decorative screensaver/background of a graphical user interface on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other electronic device screens. These can be realistic images or computer-generated images and graphics.

There are different types of wallpapers and wallpaper themes. Here we’ll talk about Christmas wallpapers.

What is a Christmas Wallpaper?

Christmas wallpaper

A Christmas Wallpaper is a decorative and colorful wallpaper with Christmas themes.

Wallpapers are usually any type of image, with most users preferring a clean, not-too-busy background to allow easy viewing of icons on the device screen. 

But to people who prefer realistic backgrounds and images, Christmas wallpapers are more appealing, especially around the time of the year when Christmas is around the corner.

Where do you get Christmas Wallpaper?

There are various ways to get wallpapers based on your preference, device type, and more.

Basically, most devices come with pre-set wallpapers. 

Where do you get a wallpaper

Some people may leave their device’s background blank or fill it only with color. Others use a default background provided by the device's manufacturer or operating systems, such as an abstract design, a logo, a stock photograph, live wallpaper, etc. For example, Windows desktops come with the default Windows logo wallpaper, while iPhone wallpapers are abstract designs, some live wallpapers. 

But many people prefer to set custom wallpapers from images, personal pictures, online images, and more. This is where Christmas wallpaper falls.

If you want a Christmas wallpaper, you will have to get it online or from a selection of wallpapers your device provides (if your device provides Christmas wallpapers).

Virtually any image found online can be used as a wallpaper or background image, provided it fits the device's required sufficient resolution.

You can also download Christmas wallpaper by visiting wallpaper websites and apps that provide wallpapers and background images - some free, others paid. They’ve stunning photographs and imagery available for the taking based on your preference, such as:

  • Cute Christmas wallpaper
  • Christmas Wallpaper iPhone
  • Animated wallpaper
  • And more!

How many days until Christmas wallpaper?

How many days to Chriistmass

If you want to start counting the number of days to Christmas, get an app! The app will start a “How many days until Christmas wallpaper?” countdown.

Here are some suggestions for days until Christmas Wallpaper Countdown Apps:

Christmas Countdown with Carols – FREE

If you’re excited about Christmas, you’re not alone. We all are! The Christmas Countdown with Carols brings the Christmas countdown live with 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper. It has decorative effects, awesome snowflakes falling, snow falling, and carols as its background music.  The app is quite interactive with its users. You can also change the Christmas Carols by tapping once on the screen or stop the carols by tapping the screen twice. It’s on GooglePlay. Awesome!

Christmas Countdown 2024 – FREE

Christmas countdown

It was initially Christmas Countdown 2020, but now Christmas countdown 2024. It gives you the freedom to choose from their Christmas wallpaper background. You can choose whether you want to have the classic timer or the modern timer for the countdown. The new features for Christmas Countdown make everything better than its outdated app version. It’s available on GooglePlay, AppStore, and MicrosoftStore.

You can enjoy the following with their new update:

  • Daily Christmas Quotes
  • Wish List for Christmas
  • Share Button
  • Premium Christmas Wallpapers
  • Free of ads

Christmas Countdown Wallpaper

Wish you all a Merry Christmas! As the winter night of Christmas eve is approaching with every passing moment, what is better than having a live wallpaper installed on your computer or phone that continuously reminds you of the time left for Christmas? Get the Christmas All-In-One (Countdown, Wallpapers) for FREE in Microsoft Store.

Christmas Countdown – FREE

This Christmas Countdown app is one of the best Christmas wallpaper apps to track the days until Christmas: it’s the perfect how many days till Christmas countdown wallpaper. It gives you the exact number of days, months, and seconds until Christmas. Surely, you will not have any problems tracking the time to buy some presents for your loved ones. You also get daily Christmas themed HD images for wallpaper, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman themes, and classic Christmas music and carols.

Best  Christmas Wallpapers Websites for any device 

If you want the best Christmas wallpaper, just search the internet with the team you want, such as “winter Christmas wallpaper,” or just “Christmas wallpaper.” You’ll get a ton of images and pictures related to Christmas wallpapers.

If you want to be more specific about your type of Christmas wallpaper, visit the websites below.


Christmas & New Years' phone wallpapers or desktop wallpapers. On Pinterest, you’ll see many ideas about Christmas wallpaper, holiday wallpaper, iPhone Christmas wallpaper, and more. 

Pinterest gives you a collection of Christmas wallpapers of whatever description you want. You can even get a real Christmas Tree. Pinterest even suggests Ideas you might love, such as the following:

  • Wallpaper iPhone Christmas
  • Christmas phone wallpaper
  • Holiday wallpaper
  • Christmas pictures 
  • Xmas wallpaper
  • And more

There’s a website called dedicated to providing wallpaper designs. You can find Christmas Wallpapers on this site. It invites you to explore and download free, high quality Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds and Customize your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. The website has a wide variety of cool and interesting Christmas wallpapers and Christmas backgrounds.


From Unsplash, you can choose from hundreds of free Christmas wallpapers. Choose and download HD and aesthetic Christmas wallpaper for your desktop or mobile screen for free on Unsplash. Choose your favorite Christmas wallpaper from a curated selection of Christmas wallpapers on Unsplash.


This is another wallpaper special website. Pixabay has Christmas photos and images that look perfect for any device or desktop’s Christmas wallpaper. Most images are in HD, and you can download them for free. Download Christmas Wallpaper, Christmas wallpaper aesthetic, or Christmas background for your phone or desktop.


Download Christmas Wallpaper Pexels, a collection of 60,000+ Christmas Wallpaper stock photos, for free and high-quality videos. Pexels offer the best free stock photos, royalty-free images, and videos shared by creators. Just a quick search term like “christmas wallpaper” can give you thousands of Christmas wallpapers to select from.

Getty Images

Get Christmas Wallpaper Premium High Res Photos in Getty Images. Find Christmas Wallpaper stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from 70238+ premium Christmas Wallpaper of the highest quality.

Note: Other websites to get Christmas wallpaper images are Shutterstock, FreePick, Wallpaper Access, and more! Normally, larger photographs and pictures work very nicely. Just right-click on the image, choose to Save the image, and give the file a name. It’s handy to keep all images you might like to use as desktop wallpaper in a single folder.

Best Christmas live wallpapers & screensavers for Desktop Windows 10/11

Best Christmas live wallpapers

The festive energies of Christmas have begun spreading throughout the country. Everyone is fully immersed in the holiday atmosphere. And almost everything in your home should express a Christmas spirit - including your Christmas tree and other beautiful decorations.

Choose the following best live Christmas wallpapers for your Windows desktop:

Snow Village 3D Live Wallpaper and Screensaver

Get beautiful live wallpapers for your PC in 3D. Make your PC filled with rapture in such a joyful environment by installing Snow Village 3D Screensaver and Wallpaper, which can change your PC’s desktop into a gorgeous snow-covered village. You’ll love the festively decorated houses, streets, snowman, Christmas trees, etc., transforming the rural landscape into great scenery. It would transmit the essence of the Christmas spirit throughout your home, and it would undoubtedly fill you with the excitement and joy of the holiday.

Christmas HD Live Wallpaper

Get this app to launch in full-screen mode as a screensaver. It’s time to look a lot like Christmas on your Windows 10 and 11 PC with the Christmas HD Live Wallpaper. This cute wallpaper will showcase a small Christmas tree with lovely red ornaments in a frozen foreground. And the snowflakes fall realistically, bringing the magic of Christmas into everyone’s house.

Christmas Cottage 3D Screensaver

 The Christmas Cottage-themed 3D Screensaver brings you to a charming cottage in a picturesque winter setting. Use it to envision yourself relaxing in a nice cottage near a river, with a view of a bridge with water gently flowing beneath it.

Fireside Christmas Wallpaper

Spread the yuletide spirit and increase the Christmas pitch remotely from your computer throughout Christmas and the holiday season. This 3D wallpaper, features a beautifully adorned fireplace waiting for Santa Clause to leave presents in each sock. 

Christmas Snowman

Do you want a traditional Christmas screensaver? This is where you can get it with a dancing snowman that sets off fireworks, decorates the Christmas tree, and turns the lights while listening to vinyl records.

Santa’s Castle Screensaver and Wallpaper

The Christmas castle is bustling with activity! As we buzz with activity in our homes in preparation for Christmas, the North Pole is also busy preparing presents. Elves, Santa’s devoted and diligent workers, are preparing the presents. This app is calm, snowy, and full of light environment to make the perfect Christmas gifts!

The Christmas Slideshow

This Christmas Slideshow is a slideshow of 7 lovely winter and Christmas wallpaper images with subtle motion and transitions - the perfect backdrop for winter storytelling at home. Get beautiful genuine winter sceneries, Christmas tree ornaments, and warm candlelight to fill your home with joy and warmth.

Christmas Evening live wallpaper and screensaver

 This is a Christmas live screensaver from 3PlaneSoft, with animated Christmas screensavers. It has a countdown that lets you know that Christmas is knocking on your door. The bright colors cheer you up and make your friends ask you where you got the screensaver. Magical music in the background with clock ticking and angels standing high above the little house, it’s a perfect lullaby for kids on Christmas Eve. Jingle bells announce Santa Clause’s arrival!

Christmas Live Wallpaper

Watch Christmas live on your desktop with this Christmas Live Wallpaper. This is an all-in-one live Christmas wallpaper from Steam for the holiday season. Get 4 Christmas trees and multi-colored dazzle mode in 6 animated camera motions! Also, you can create your own unique countdown dates for birthdays and anniversaries, a Christmas countdown, and a New Year’s Countdown scenario. Marvelous! 

Night Before Christmas 3D

This 3D animated Christmas screensaver features three Christmas-themed living rooms, with an atmosphere reminding us of the cookies and warm milk we’ll offer Santa when he arrives. Plus, the kids are sleeping, and the cat is watching over the Christmas tree! It depicts every detail of Christmas’s beautiful moments, including a decorated Christmas tree, stockings hung from the mantelpiece, flickering candles, and wrapped gifts. By default, the screensaver chooses a scene randomly when it starts up, but you can choose one from the options menu, change the music and sound effects, and even hide the house cat. 

Best Christmas Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here are the best Christmas Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone and iPad:

Christmas Wallpapers & Photos (4.3/5 starts on AppStore)

Decorate your screen with beautiful photos of Christmas, and let Christmas shine off your screen. Use your beautiful Christmas iPhone wallpaper to put yourself into a Christmas mood each time you unlock your phone/tablet. You’ll get different wallpapers, including new years wallpapers with many high-resolution images!

Wallpapers True 4K and Full HD

Here’s a Christmas wallpaper app, but one that will also serve you well before and after holidays - whole year-round. Get the feel of the vast array of categorized wallpapers - for free with high quality, which are aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous. Choose from many styles that will fit your style perfectly.

Everpix Cool Wallpapers HD 4K

This app gives you unique, awesome backgrounds. And there’s something for everyone, including Christmas wallpapers, nature, cars, etc. Select a Christmas wallpaper that fits your needs and supports your holiday mood.

Wallpapers HD

This is a well-established wallpaper app boasting impressive quality pictures with invasive adware. It has a great search function, allowing you to search for any type of wallpaper you want. Search “christmas wallpaper” and find wonderful Christmas themed for your holiday mood - fresh, beautiful, and free.

Live Wallpapers and Backgrounds +

This is your go-to app if you want live Christmas wallpaper. This app has everything: a great Christmas tree or winter Christmas wonderlands, fireplaces, candlelights, landscapes, etc. Get your aesthetic Christmas wallpaper and install it on your iPhone at a small cost. Just $0.99/month.

New Year HD Wallpapers

Merry Christmas! Get you and your phone into the mood for joyous Christmas and new year beginnings with this New Year-themed wallpaper app. It’s for your iPhone and iPad to help you add something special to your screen.

This app also has a new year countdown to get you in the party mood! 

You can also use this app to send seasonal greetings to your loved ones from its large variety of free festive quotes and images.

In Conclusion 

Merry Christmas, dear reader :) And a Happy New Year! From us at SoftwareKeep!

We hope you found your perfect Christmas wallpaper or Christmas Wallpaper app. And we hope you’ve started your 'how many days till Christmas countdown!'

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