When to Leave the House While Working From Home

Working from home can be all fun and games until you develop some unhealthy and unproductive habits unless you can manage it well. Here's how.

For some people, the charm of working from home comes from comfort. Being able to sleep in, work from comfy clothes, and rarely have to leave your house is appealing at first. However, this can lead to the development of some unhealthy and unproductive habits.

When to Leave the house while working from home


In this article, we will discuss when you should consider leaving the house while working from home. please remember that these tips aren’t universal — everyone works differently and needs different amounts of time outside. Our article simply aims to be a guide to help you decide what works for you and your lifestyle.

Why should you leave the house when working from home?

This is a very valid question. I’ve seen many skeptics question why you should break up your workday and find the motivation within yourself to get ready every day. The simple is quite easy: productivity.

Productivity is all in your mind. Your brain associates your bed with sleep, relaxation, comfort. Staying in bed all day will be comfortable without a doubt, but you’ll also get distracted easily and might even fall back asleep.

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Getting up in the morning and giving yourself a reason to go outside is a great way to break yourself away from your bed. If you prefer to go outside later in the day, you can also find motivation and the time to socialize during your outdoor breaks.

Leave in the morning

Leave the house in the morning


Us, work from home people, are all way too familiar with the hardship that is getting up and getting started with the day. Sure, you can take your time and laze around in bed for hours, but you’ll only start dreading the pile of work waiting for you even more. Instead of waiting and wasting your valuable time, why not start your day outside?

Get up and get yourself ready — no rush. Take a shower, dress up in some comfortable clothes, and leave the house for a bit. A morning jog, a trip to your local café, taking the dog out, or even a walk around the block while listening to your favorite podcast may help you get the day started right.

Once you get home, you’ll be able to wire your brain to focus on working. This increases your productivity and makes it easier to wake up and get up in the morning.

Go outside during your breaks

Go outside during your work breaks


We all get fed up with work sometimes. A rude client, a hard task, or simply getting frustrated with something can all ruin your mood and set you back several steps. Avoid this kind of burnout by taking a step outside in your break time.

Give yourself an extended break where you get yourself ready — if you haven’t yet, — and take some time to cool off from your current task at work. This allows you to enter a calm environment outside, filling you with more motivation and the ability to think things through easier. I personally like scheduling my outside breaks approximately in the middle of my workday.

Once again, any outside activity is valid here. A walk, jogging, even just sitting outside to have some fresh air. When you get back to work, you should feel refreshed and motivated to get things done.

Use your evenings to step out

walk in the evening


If you prefer cozy, slow morning routines and don’t like to interrupt your workflow with a long break, don’t worry. You can still find some help in stepping outside after you’ve already completed your work. Think of it as a reward, or a way to destress and relax your mind.

After a long day of working, you should always incorporate some physical activity into your life. Sitting down for extended periods of time is harmful and brings many health risks even at a young age. If you choose to go outside in the evenings, consider physical activities such as jogging, yoga, or any sport. Even walking out to your driveway and doing a set of jumping jacks is better than nothing.

Final thoughts

I hope this article was able to show you how useful it is to get up and get out there — even when you have some work to get done from home. Enjoy your outdoor adventures, and tackle your online obstacles with ease!

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