The Best of the Best, According to Customers Just Like You

Every customer arrives on our site looking for one thing: the perfect product. That perfect product might be completely different from one customer to the next, but every customer wants to find a software solution that includes all the features they need, that meets the system requirements of their device, and that comes at the best price.

We are committed to finding every customer that perfect product. That is why we include products not just by their categories but also by what is selling best. By browsing our best seller list, customers can find out what their fellow site visitors are deciding on when they finally get to that perfect product.

We aren’t in the business of making our customers settle. This list is set up to help every customer find the perfect product more quickly by referencing what others have been choosing. We hope this makes it easier for you to navigate our site and discover the exact software you’ve been looking for.

Don’t see your perfect product on our Best Seller list? We have hundreds of other products available on this site. Check out our Office software, our Antivirus software, our Cloud software and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

What Product Qualify for the Best Sellers List

Literally any product on our site can be placed on the Best Seller list. That includes all of our Office program suites and individual programs (for Windows and Mac), our Windows software, our Antiviruses, and our Cloud Services.

The only products we sell that won’t be found here are our services, since those are somewhat separate from the software products our customers come to our site for in the first place.

While the list changes regularly, there is usually a good selection of all our products which can feature on both Windows and Mac.

How We Choose Our Best Sellers

We update our Best Sellers list every month with the products that have sold best and seen the fewest issues throughout the past month. This monthly update allows users to see what is hottest right now, so they have an up-to-date appreciation for what software their fellow customers are using at the moment.

Best Sellers are determined, as the name suggests, primarily through the actual sales (as opposed to reviews), however, we also consider other factors, such as successful installation and positive reviews to make sure only our best products ever get to this page. Again, this page is designed as a shortcut for new customers to find the best of the best from our software, so we make sure only those contenders are ever present here.

What Our Best Seller Trends Suggest

Since the list changes every month, customers can check in regularly to see what products are most in demand. These trends can easily show when new releases have been added to the site or if a particular program has been useful for some reason (say, the Microsoft Office Access app during tax season or Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac right as the school year starts).

Another useful way to use the Best Seller list is to see what programs are always ranked in the list. If a product shows up over and over again over the months, it is guaranteed to be worth the purchase. For those who might be mulling over a big purchase, seeing the product repeatedly can add some confidence in the purchase.

Why You Want to Consider Our Best Sellers

There are already some compelling reasons listed to take a glance every now and again at our Best Sellers, but there are far more reasons than just those explained so far. Consider some of these advantages that come with making your purchases through the Best Seller list:

  • Get a product that is sure to work: Software can be a tricky thing. Some products can end up being buggy. While we never sell bad software (and we even refund software that doesn’t work properly), you know that any product on the Best Seller list is sure to be functioning at the top level. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be getting purchased so often. It just makes sense to invest in a program or set of programs that you know other users are getting a full and issue free user experience from. By purchasing such a popular product, you can be sure that right out of the box you’ll be getting the experience you expect and need, allowing you to get to work right away without any concern that issues will crop up later that might limit your abilities.
  • Get a product that most devices can handle: For some customers there’s always a worried scroll down to the System Requirements section on each page to find out if their device can handle a program they desperately need. For those who aren’t using all the latest devices with the most up-to-date features, it can be critical to find a program that fits their specifications. This can be of particular importance with large expenses, but even smaller, more affordable programs may be hard to find which will be able to provide all the necessary features while working fully on a device. With the Best Seller list, customers can be much more confident that a product is likely to have lower standards for System Requirements. Many of your fellow customers are also using older devices. If they are purchasing a program in large numbers, that program can probably work very successfully on such devices. While there’s no guarantee, and the System Requirements section should still be checked, this can help limit the search for the right program.
  • Get a product that has a particularly great deal: Why do people choose one product over another when they are otherwise similar? Well, there’s the quality of the product and the ability to use the product, as listed above, but perhaps the main concern is price. Now, every product on our site is guaranteed to have a price that is the best for the product anywhere. We stand by that, but that doesn’t mean that some products aren’t naturally better deals than other. Whether it’s getting more programs for a better price (on some Microsoft Office suites) or getting the latest edition of Microsoft Office Publisher or Norton Antivirus for a particularly low price. Instead of searching through the hundreds of products we sell, you can go right to the Best Seller page and see the fruits of everyone else’s search. If we have a particularly great deal on a product, it’s sure to show up on our Best Seller page. Since we update this page so often, all the latest deals are guaranteed to show up in time for you to enjoy them. For the software bargain hunters out there, this allows for far more bargaining and far less hunting, saving you time while still securing you the deals you need. This can be particularly useful for individuals and businesses that need a particular product but need it at the absolute best price they can find. They already know the best price will be on this site, but which version is the best value for the money? Check our Best Seller page to find out.
  • Get a product whose features are particularly in demand: This point was previewed above but deserves to be reemphasized here. The number of software choices out there is pretty expansive. It can be really difficult to settle on, say, the right Microsoft Office suite of programs for you. Do you want Microsoft Office 2013 or do you want the latest updates in 2016? Or, do you go with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365? The Best Seller list can show you the choice most of your fellow customers are making. Again, if a particular program keeps showing up over and over, you know it has to offer the kind of program solutions you need. Often, this can be a deciding factor for customers. Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 may look like a good deal at first, but when you see that thousands of customers are choosing Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 instead, you can quickly see that 2013 may just not cut it if you are trying to keep up with the competition. You could spend hours searching the web for an expert who can explain why one version is better than the other, or spend hours searching for figures on Microosft Office purchases and reviews from users and experts. Or, you can check our Best Seller list can get the same information in the time it takes you to scroll from the top of the page to the bottom.
  • Get the version of the product you need that more people love: A related point to the one directly above, but the one thing a Best Seller list tells you more than anything else is what products other customers love. There can be plenty of reasons for a purchase, many of which we’ve already covered, but one thing a best seller place always suggests is a whole lot of satisfied customers. When you’re settling on a product, you want to know it isn’t just a program that works or that it can effectively handle a particular task, you want to know people enjoy using it. You want to know it is laid out well, easy to navigate, attractive, fast and responsive, flexible enough for your particular needs, and plenty of other user-based experience needs. You could waste your time trying to parse what the reviews mean by the features included, you could watch video after video as people navigate the programs, or you could trust the judgment of customers who made the choice before you. The programs on this list are popular because they stand out above the other options. There are, after all, plenty of word processing programs, and yet the world, overwhelmingly, prefers Microsoft Word to all others. Why is that? Sure, Word has great features, but what really makes it stand out is how easy it is to use, how attractive it is as a program, how fast and reliable it is. Users across the world agree on that, and the sales show it. That’s exactly what you know when you purchase a program from our Best Seller list as well.

What Best Seller Product Is Right for You?

The only way to choose a product from the Best Seller list is to know what kind of product you’re looking for. Unless you’re in the habit of purchasing programs just for the enjoyment of a good deal (highly unlikely), you’ve arrived here with a particular need in mind. So, look for a program that addresses that need. It may be useful to first glance through our product categories to see our extensive library of options before seeing which programs from the category you need make it to the Best Seller list.

Then, click through your options and see which one fits your exact needs. If no product from your needed category is on the Best Seller list (say, no Antivirus software makes the list one month), there’s no need to worry. We still have the best prices on every product we offer, and we guarantee our products all work perfectly, so simply return to the Antivirus page and search through the options to find the one that works best for you.

Other Resources Available for Our Customers

We include our Best Seller page as a service to our customers in order to help them make the right choice on their software purchases. It is always our goal to make sure that every purchase you make on our site is easy and stress-free, while every download and installation is just as simple, fast, and straightforward as possible.
With that commitment in mind, we have expert help available to answer your questions 24/7 either on-site or by calling us. We also have plenty of services available to help you every step of the way with your software purchase, installation, and protection.