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Office for Mac Examples

Luiz Carlos Martins
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The MacOS used to be a viable alternative to the Windows range of operating systems. However, it used to lack a decent suite of office tools for use. Hence, this significantly contributed to the dominance of Windows OSs in offices throughout the world over several years.


Recognizing this gap in the market, Microsoft has now introduced Office compatible tools for use with Mac OSs. In this article, we take a look at the range of Microsoft Office tools on offer for Mac users.


Office for Mac Examples


Office 365 Home

The most popular entry in the Office 365 range of tools, Office 365 Home provides users with access to the entire family of Microsoft tools. From Microsoft Word to Excel, Powerpoint, and even Outlook, Office 365 Home is the most comprehensive entry in this list.


Specially designed for use by the whole family, purchase of the Office 365 Home license allows you to share access of all premium Microsoft applications with up to 6 people at a time. This makes it especially ideal for use by families with various desktops, laptops and even tablets.


From the home office to the kids who need Powerpoint and Word to complete assignments, Office 365 Home is a flexible solution for the family. Especially important is the fact that Office 365 Home is compatible for use with Mac OS on a variety of platforms.


From tablets to PCs and laptops, the flexibility offered by this package is unrivaled and can even be used by small home-based start-ups looking for an affordable software package. Furthermore, Office 365 Home comes with Outlook access for up to 6 users and provides comprehensive security features.


Data storage is of no object as users can enjoy 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage space for up to 6 persons. With such a wealth of storage space, worrying about storing files and images is now a thing of the past. Furthermore, cloud storage eliminates the need for backups and keeps all of your files and documents safe at all times.


Finally, Office 365 Home utilizes a monthly or annual subscription format which offers exceptional flexibility and allows owners to spread out the costs of owning software. Should users run into any problems, they can rest assured that they will have access to premium tech support from Microsoft experts.


Office 365 Personal

WhIle Office 365 Home offered multiple users and families the option to share Microsoft’s suite of tools and features with multiple users, Office 365 Personal takes it in another direction. True to its namesake, Office 365 Personal takes a more individualistic approach to MS Office tools without having to compromise on other features offered.


Whether you’ve just bought your first MacBook or running Office 365 on your tablet or Smartphone, Office 365 personal has everything the individual needs to remain connected in this world.


From writing out articles and completing assignments with Microsoft Word to processing data efficiently with the help of Excel, Office 365 Personal offers you the ability to make use of the Microsoft suite of tools.


The only difference between Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home is the fact that the Personal version comes with a license for a single user only. However, Office 365 Personal still comes with all of the great tools that Microsoft is known for.


This makes Office 365 Personal a great choice for users running a single PC or tablet while still having access to premium Microsoft tools. Additional flexibility comes from the Microsoft subscription plan which allows users to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. This means that users have the freedom to terminate their subscriptions and helps them cut down on the cost of an initial software purchase.


Store files with ease of mind with Office 365 Personal’s OneDrive access which gives users 1TB of cloud storage data absolutely free. Hence, you have the freedom to store mountains of information without having to worry about storage space.


With additional security provided by Microsoft, you can stay safe from hack attacks, ransomware, and viruses at all times.


Office Home & Student 2019

Unlike Office 365, Office Home & Student takes a vastly different approach towards MS Office. Where other variants of Office 365 used a subscription-based system, Office Home & Student 2019 uses a license system which requires a single purchase only.


This version is targeted towards users who prefer to own their software outright instead of having to make annual or monthly payments. This version also differs in the fact that Office Home & Student 2019 does not come with access to premium versions of Microsoft Office tools.


Instead, Office Home & Student 2019 comes with the classic versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This classic package is available for use on Mac and does not include any of the other bells and whistles that come with other Office 365 versions.


Benefits of Office for Mac

The very thought of installing MS Office on Mac would have been virtually unthinkable several years ago but given that the numerous competitors on the market have been rather ineffectual, Microsoft still remains the dominant provider of office and email applications.


1. Extensive support

Given that Microsoft has recognized the untapped potential for MS Office software with Apple Users, Microsoft has promised a stream of updates and upgrades to keep MS Office relevant.


2. Flexibility

With the exception of Home & Office 2019, the Office 365 range of plans offers flexibility in the form of subscriptions which lets users determine if and whether they would be interested in

using Office 365.


3. Ease of Use

Another benefit of using Office 365 comes from the fact that the MS Office family of software is without a doubt extremely user-friendly. With a highly optimized interface, no other office software on the market comes close to that from Microsoft. With minimal training, just about anyone can be an expert.



There is no doubt that Microsoft-Mac pairings are the way forward. With Microsoft moving from strength to strength it would only be natural for Apple users to follow along.