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Need Office for home, business or school? There is an Office version that’s right for you.

Office for Mac has been one of the most productive and all-round software suite in the past and with the Office 2016 Home and Student edition, Microsoft has delivered another solid suite consisting of core Office applications like – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive as well as adds nifty and thoughtful additions keeping in mind the Macintosh OS. Add to it some exciting UI capabilities and you can vouch for a smoother, cleaner and faster Office experience both at home or at school. Office for Mac is designed to help you do more at work or at home, easily.

Office for Business

Using a Microsoft Office suite on Mac has never been easier or more worthwhile. With Office programs continuing to be the standard for home, student, and business use, having the suite remains a necessity for most communication. With recent editions as well, Office continues to become easier to use with increasingly useful features.

All Office for Mac suites include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote

Different editions also have a large number of features for each program, like the Business suites, which include Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student Mac

The most recent edition for personal and student use, Office 2016 includes a number of useful features, including:

Mac screen with opened MS Office document
  • Greater cloud integration to save from the desktop to the cloud
  • Document co-authoring for collaborating in real time
  • Insight searching ability to search the web from within a document
  • New charts and templates in Excel
  • New animations in PowerPoint
  • The ability to use videos in OneNote

Just as important, Office 2016 for Mac has developed a style similar to the PC version, allowing for easy transition between the two.

Office 2016 Home & Business For Mac

This suite offers the same excellent features, as well as Outlook for your business email. The new Outlook 2016 has better organizational tools, including:

  • The ability to search your cloud
  • Clutter folders for unimportant emails
  • Email address internationalization

Outlook, combined with the other programs and the connection to the cloud, allow for business to be done anywhere, with easy access to all files and emails.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home And Student For Mac

Office 2011 for Mac is a solid and reliable option that has remained a popular choice for Mac users for seven years. 2011 for Mac includes many of the same features found in the newer edition, including the ability to save documents to the cloud and access to online Office Web apps. With both features, it becomes possible to create and edit documents anymore. Additional features include:

  • The introduction of the ribbon to Office programs
  • Templates, animations, and charts
  • Retina Display for all documents, allowing for the highest quality viewing of images and videos in every document

For those less interested in the newer features, 2011 Home and Student remains an excellent and more affordable option.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home and Business For Mac

All the great features listed above for 2011 Home and Student, plus the inclusion of Outlook for business email. This is a great suite for those who need to work from home but for whom price is more important than new features.

Office 365 Business

Using Office 365 Business on different devices

Office 365 differs from the above versions in that it is not a one-time purchase that allows for a single installation. Instead, Business 365 requires a monthly subscription, which allows for:

  • Installation on up to five different devices. These devices include computers, phones, and tablets, and they can be a mix of PC and Mac
  • One TB of cloud space on OneDrive
  • Guaranteed free upgrades whenever new editions of the programs come out

All of that, and this suite comes with the same expected programs in the latest edition (at the moment, 2016), including Outlook.

Office 365 Business Premium

Premium 365 includes everything that comes with Business 365, plus a number of online programs designed to improve collaboration and communication with fellow employees, clients, and business partners. Among the programs offered, some of the most popular and useful include:

  • Exchange, which allows for business email networking in partnership with Outlook
  • SharePoint, which allows for easy document sharing
  • Lync, which allows for professional instant messaging
  • Skype for Business, which allows for conference calls of many different kinds (some features require separate licenses)

Premium is an excellent option for individuals or small businesses that want all the Office programs plus as many communication programs as possible for their Mac.

Office 365 Business Essentials

Business Essentials 365 offers all the communication programs found in Premium, including:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Lync

However, the Office suite of programs can only be accessed online. No offline, desktop versions are available in this Office suite. If you are business needs are primarily communication based and your business requires you to already have constant internet access, this is an excellent option.