How to Start Your Own Email List

Use this versatile guide to create your own email list to help you generate valuable and profitable traffic to, and income from, your website.

Creating your own email list is one of the most valuable and profitable ways of generating traffic and income to your website. Through email campaigns, you can promote your content, products, news, and more to a large variety of people interested in receiving your updates.

Start Your Own Email List

In this article, we’ll go over how you can build your own email list and start generating more, valuable traffic. By using our tips and tricks, you’re guaranteed to build an effective email list and increase website visits, affiliate sales, and more.

Start Your Own Email List

Use the following steps to start your own Email list

1. Get people to sign up

Start Your Own Email List


Of course, for your email list to become populated, you need to get people to sign up first. This can be done in multiple ways, depending on your platform and the purpose of your list. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

  • Make a sign-up box. This practice is extremely effective if you run a website. If customers see a clear, big sign-up box asking for their email address, they’re more likely to sign up for your email list. You can pair this with some of our later tips to further engage people with deals.
  • Create a forum post. Word of mouth is still a reliable way of promoting your work and activities. Creating posts on forums, especially those related to your content or niche, will definitely get some engagement.
  • Promote on social media. It doesn’t matter how strong your social media presence is, make sure to promote a sign-up link on your profiles! You can include it in your bio, about sections, or even make a post with relevant hashtags to grab people’s attention.

These are some of the fundamental things you need to do in order to get started with building an email list. The tips from now on will focus on how you can further enhance the efficiency of your promotions, and get more onlookers to sign up.

2. Offer special email content

Offer special email content

One way to play with someone’s curiosity is by mentioning that you offer special email content, only accessible to those on your email list. These can be little bite-sized articles, exclusive news, or even sneak-peeks of your next content drops.

Special offers tend to get people to sign up out of curiosity, or fear of missing out. Providing these contents may also help you gain more subscribers through word of mouth. If your specials are good, your already existing recipients will get their friends and colleagues to sign up, yoo. 

3. Organize a giveaway

The oldest trick in the book — giveaways. Who wouldn’t want to win something valuable for simply signing up for an email list? Organize a giveaway and include that the winner must be signed up to your email list, and you’re guaranteed some traffic. Of course, make sure that your giveaway caters to your audience, and it’s actually something they want to win.

Once the deadline hits, use a random generator to pick an address from your email list, and you have your lucky winner. If you hold multiple giveaways, both participants and the winners will begin talking about your list and get others to sign up in hopes of winning next. All the while, you get to promote your content and make potential long-term supporters.

4. Engage through social media

use social media to create your own email list

Nowadays, social media is a great news source. We recommend monitoring current trends, popular topics and taking advantage of all this information to promote your email list. Engage with others, use relevant hashtags, and use the power of social media to accommodate new email list members with ease.

5. Don’t let your visitors get away

Sometimes you need to be a little pushy. Many websites use a pop-up box that details current deals, specials, and promotions for email list subscribers, prompting you to sign up. This is something you should definitely consider doing as well.

Having your email campaign, promotions, and deals visible from the get-go will allow users to get a great look into what your email list is about. If their interest is piqued, they’re most likely going to sign up to your list.

6. Daily deals and freebies

deals and freebies

If you don’t want to host full-fledged giveaways, simply hand out daily tidbits and freebies to your email list. This is a nice little gesture that everyone appreciates every once in a while. A daily motivational quote, a cute puppy picture, or a small freebie related to your niche will definitely get people to stay.

7. Give visitors subscription options

Let's face it, not everyone is interested in everything you have to say or promote. This is completely valid, as it’s already hard enough to keep your email inbox clean without signing up to an email list. To ensure no one backs away in fear of spam, give users subscription options according to their preferences.

For example, you can set up these different categories: 

  • All alerts
  • Content updates only
  • Giveaways and Freebies only
  • News only 

If you can manage to do this, more people are likely to sign up to your email list knowing that they’re not going to get unnecessary, unwanted emails.

8. Leverage testimonials

Leverage testimonials

To further promote your email list, you can always ask for testimonials from your current subscribers. This will give fresh visitors some insight into what you offer and why they should sign up for your emails. Make sure these testimonials are clearly visible and promote your email list in a good light.

Final thoughts

If you need further help, don’t be afraid to contact our customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern day technology!

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