6 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

To be more productive, you need to be healthy. Your health will also determine how long you live. This is why you need to have a standing desk.
6 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Health risks such as heart disease, back pain, and obesity have been associated with office work for the past decade. Sitting idle for extended periods of time is proven to be a great factor in developing serious health issues — reduce the risk of developing one by investing in a standing desk.

why you need a standing desk



Why a standing desk?


Standing desks have been around for a while, however, their popularity only started to rise in recent years. This rise was seen especially during the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, as millions of people were forced to work remotely from home. Realizing the risk of spending hours on end at your desk is the first step in the right direction to reduce the risk of developing serious health issues.


Naturally, people started looking for solutions to improve their work from home lifestyle, which led to a rise in the popularity of standing desks. A standing desk is an adjustable desk that allows you to stand comfortably while using your computer, laptop, or tablet. Here are some of the proven benefits of using one as opposed to a regular desk.


1. Reduce back strain and pain

reduce back strain and pain



Back and neck ache is one of the most frequent problems of office employees who have been sitting all day. A variety of studies have been conducted on workers with long-term back pain to decide whether standing desks will solve this.

Several of these studies reported a 32% improvement in lower back pain when employees converted to using standing desks for several weeks. In another study published by the CDC, it is stated that upper back and neck pain decreased by 54%.


In conclusion, standing desks have been proven to decrease back pain caused by prolonged sitting.


2. Lower the risk of weight gain

watch your weight



While exercise is the best way of burning more calories than you consume, simply investing in a standing desk will help you. In contrast with one afternoon of sitting, an equivalent amount of standing time was shown to burn over 170 additional calories.


This adds up to over 1000 additional calories burnt in a week by choosing to stand, helping you stop rapid weight gain.


3. Lower your blood sugar levels to avoid diabetes

Lower your blood sugar levels



A big spike in your blood sugar level usually indicates significant health issues. Research has shown that using a standing desk at work, particularly after larger meals like lunch, could lower blood sugar levels and lower your risk of developing diabetes.


In a small study of 10 office workers, standing for 180 minutes after eating lunch reduced the blood sugar spike by 43%. PubMed Central reports that prolonged sedentary time is associated with a 112% higher risk of type 2 diabetes.


4. Lower the risk of developing heart disease

Lower risk of heart disease



Scientists all over the world widely accepted that the more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of developing heart disease. Consecutively, several studies have shown that investing in a standing desk may reduce this risk.


5. Improve your energy levels and boost productivity

You'll become more productive



Standing desks do not seem to have any major negative effects on traditional office activities such as typing or pushing your mouse. A study available on PubMed Central has made the conclusion that using a standing desk had no impact on characters typed per minute, or typing errors.


Standing desks seem to have a positive effect on overall wellness, boosting morale and energy. It is far more likely to enhance productivity, rather than hinder it.


6. Live a longer, more fulfilling life

Live a longer more fulfilling life



Many studies have found a strong link between prolonged sitting time and early passing. It’s estimated that reducing sitting time to only 3 hours per day could raise the average American’s life expectancy by 2 years.


By simply investing in a standing desk and reducing the time you spend sitting could help lengthen your lifespan. Combined with all the evidence that suggests the health benefits of standing desks, it’s easy to see how you should consider purchasing one for yourself.


Final thoughts


To be more productive, you need to be healthy. Your health will also determine how long you live. This is why you need to have a standing desk. It is for your own benefit.


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