How to Find Remote Work Online

Due to COVID-19, most companies closed shops, however, here is the good news! You can still find remote work online. In this article, we highlight the top 8 legit websites for online jobs.
How to Find Remote Work Online

Do you want more flexibility with your schedule? Are you choosing to stay at home due to health concerns? Do you prefer the workflow of a fully remote, online job? Whatever reason it is, landing a remote job sounds like a good opportunity to grasp control over your life, and it’s a more attainable goal now than ever.

With the countless benefits a remote job can provide to those who look to work in this field, comes a unique set of challenges, starting from the very beginning.

Especially for beginners, it’s hard to find a suitable job at a company — with an overflow of available help, companies and websites have a plethora of applicants to choose from. This makes the competition to land a remote job higher than some regular positions. Besides, getting new hires settled for most companies takes time; thus, a good onboarding process should be well thought out beforehand.

The same goes for freelance workers. People looking to hire help have a wide selection of options, you need to be able to sell yourself and present your work in a desirable way. To achieve this, some freelancers often lowball their prices, which eventually leads to a low income that can’t support them.

With the help of this article, you can get closer to properly starting your online work career. We’ll present you with the right tools, websites, and steps to take in order to ensure you can work from the safety and comfort of your home, doing what you love.

Before going remote

Many people make the mistake of going remote but regretting it later. Remote work presents its unique challenges, and there are definitely some things you need to think over before you set your mind to build a career online, from your home.

Perhaps the most useful tip we can give you is to look at the pros and cons of working remotely before you proceed with the rest of this article.

To make it a little bit easier for you, we’ve made a list of common things remote workers bring up about this type of work, which may help you in making this decision.


  • More flexible schedule.
  • No commute.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Spend more time on yourself.
  • No workspace rules.
  • Reduced distractions.


  • Overworking.
  • Underworking.
  • Loneliness.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • No clear instructions for independent workers.
  • Limited team-building activities.

Remote work is not suitable for everyone. For those who crave structure and guidance, sticking to regular jobs might be the smarter choice. However, if you feel like you’re cut out for it, make sure to continue reading our tips and information about remote jobs.

The types of remote work online

There are tons of different options for those looking to work remotely. Each of these options is suitable for different types of work, and in some cases can be used simultaneously to maximize your income.

Getting hired

The most obvious way of finding work online is getting hired by an established company. There are tons of websites that offer you the ability to search and apply for jobs posted by recruiters. These types of jobs are the most familiar to regular jobs, as they often require you to participate in teamwork, online conferences, and stick to a pre-established schedule.


Working as a freelancer requires more effort, but allows more flexibility. Freelancers most of the time manage their own time and projects while having to scout the internet for work by themselves. Most freelance workers are either writers or work in a creative field, such as photo editing or video making.

Online store

A great way for those looking to establish a business online is by opening up an online store. You can sell your own work, such as designs or art, or essentially create an online garage sale and get rid of items you no longer need. You can build up a brand and let the money flow in by doing this.

One-off jobs

If you’re only looking to make some supplemental income, taking on one-off remote jobs is a good opportunity. This is the widest variety of fields, as many people are looking for a variety of products. Writing the text to a landing page, compiling a list, researching a certain topic, editing someone’s new wedding photos, or making a social media commercial are all one-off jobs that bring in some extra cash, but require no commitment.

Finding remote work online from the following websites

There are many options to find remote jobs using the internet. Make sure you’re prepared for tough competition and long wait times — as mentioned above, some remote positions have more interest than most regular jobs. Don’t lose motivation and apply to a variety of gigs to ensure success.

1. FlexJobs

Flex jobs

FlexJobs is without a doubt one of the best places to start looking at if you’re serious about going remote. With over 50 different remote categories, the selection range is wide. You can find positions for entry-level jobs all the way up to full-time executive work. All jobs are screened before they can appear on the website, giving you nothing but legit offers.

2. AngelList


If the idea of joining a startup company intrigues you, then AngelList is the right place to start looking. New job posts are published on a daily basis, all from startup companies looking to hire much-needed help. The professional hiring method requires you to go through an interview, making perfect matches between employees and employers.

3. Hubstaff Talent


This website is most suitable for people looking to make extra money on the side. Suitable for both regular freelancers or one-off jobs, Hubstaff Talent keeps its website up-to-date regularly and brings you offers you shouldn’t miss out on.

4. Pangian


Pangian is unique in a way that it allows users to create an account and join a community of like-minded people. Use the community to learn more about employers and build meaningful connections with others. The virtual job board is limited to remote work only, filtering out all the regular job offers you can find elsewhere.

5. We Work Remotely

Work reomtely

The We Work Remotely website primarily focuses on bringing remote work opportunities to users, connecting hundreds of thousands of people with employers each month. Despite the slower average response time from those looking for help, it’s a solid website that you should keep your eyes on when remote job hunting.

6. Remote


Besides sporting an appealing design and easy to use interface, Remote also curates and posts a variety of new jobs every single day. There are no fees for job seekers to pay when applying for suitable jobs, however, those looking for immediate exposure can sign up for the $19 premium service to speed up the process.

7. Reddit


While Reddit is known as a social media website, some communities within it are well-established as a way to find and get remote jobs. Boards such as r/ForHire, r/WorkOnline, and r/BeerMoney both have strict community rules and systems set up to ensure you can safely apply or post job offers on the website.

8. Fiverr

As a freelancer, having a platform to sell your services on is a wonderful kick start to your career. Fiverr allows you to set up your very own profile, filled with services that you can customize and promote on the website. Photo editors, voice actors, writers, video creators, and many other, not-so-serious gigs have racked in huge profits using this platform.

9. Lensa

Lensa is a smart job search engine that uses data trends and your personal work experience and skills to recommend the most fitting career path. Plus, you get to choose from a wide range of job listings based on personal criteria such as skills, needs, and goals.

lensa job board

For this, Lensa uses an advanced search system that allows you to search for jobs based on the type of company you want to apply to (small or large), company values that matter to you, and more. Plus, you can set the search to remote jobs only.

10. Remote Tech Jobs

remote tech job board


If you’re looking for a job in technology, Remote Tech Jobs is one of your best bets.

Remote Tech Jobs aggregates jobs from 10+ popular sources and puts them all in one place. With thousands of jobs in 39 categories, you’re bound to find jobs you’re interested in or qualified for.

We hope that our article was able to help you decide whether working remotely is good for you, and how you can find a remote job online. Feel free to return to our article whenever you need to go over our tips or suggestions for job hunting.