If You’re Not Using MS Outlook You’re Missing Out

When it comes to sending and receiving email for work or personal use you’ve got many options. Few are as convenient and easy-to-use as Microsoft Outlook.
If You’re Not Using MS Outlook You’re Missing Out

When it comes to sending and receiving email, you’ve got options. Few are as convenient and easy-to-use than Microsoft Outlook. If you’ve had experience working with the application in the past, you know that there is so much more to it than a simple means of electronic communication.

Things That You Can Do Easily in Outlook

In fact, Outlook lets you set up folders, create and include signatures to your emails, send attachments, reply to messages you’ve received, and even schedule events directly from your email. You’re able to get more done faster thanks to Microsoft’s email client. You keep track of important communications with ease.

Making an Email a Priority That Others See Instantly

Distinguishing between regular communication and emails that need a response immediately is easy once you’ve learned your way around Outlook. There is an option to make communications a priority which helps when things are time or date sensitive. To do so, you’ll want to be on the quick access bar. There, you’ll find an option to choose ‘Priority’ labeling.

When it is received by the sender, they’ll see the icon alerting them to the urgent status of the communication. They can then make it a priority to reply to you. You’ll get more prompt responses because people will know that the email is more important than others. They’ll understand to clear time in their schedule to respond to your request.

Attaching Important Files to Your Correspondence

If you need to send a file to someone else via email, you’re able to do so with ease. In Outlook, you’ll see a paperclip icon. It represents the attachment option. You’re then able to select the file that you want to add from your hard drive or the cloud.

Once attached and uploaded to the email, you’ll then be able to send it to whomever you choose. They can click on the file to download it or right click to choose where to save the file. If they have a specific folder in their hard drive dedicated to correspondence from you, they may prefer to keep all files there.

Choose Outlook as Your Primary Email Client

If you’re not using Microsoft Outlook as your primary email client, you’re missing out. It helps you become a better organized, more professional version of yourself and gives you a dedicated means of sending and receiving emailed correspondence.

It allows you to stay on top of your affairs easier than before by allowing you to schedule them in your calendar and compare your personal and professional obligations side-by-side.

Prevent overlaps in your calendar. You won’t commit to being at two places at once this way. You’ll also be able to see where you can take time off, have a vacation, and even prepare for the holidays and the workload that comes from them.

Test Out Tools and Features to See How Well They Work for You

There are many things you can do in Outlook that improve productivity and provide fun solutions to ordinary tasks. If you haven’t had a chance to explore all of the tools and features, make time to do so. You’ll be thrilled with how easy it is to get accustomed to the email client once you’ve worked with it for a while.

Digital Downloads of MS Products Save Time, Money, and Effort

Software Keep offers MS Outlook 2016 as a digital down load. If you’d rather have it along with programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, too, purchasing a copy of Office 2016 is a better bet. You’ll benefit from the affordability and convenience of the popular software suite.

We offer a variety of MS products to choose from. Decide which version is the most beneficial. Make sure that you buy the right software or app for your Mac or PC by reading about each product you’re interested in.

There are minimum system requirements listed at the bottom of all product descriptions. This allows you to see for yourself what works and what doesn’t, based on your computer.

If you have additional questions about our software, return policies, and price match guarantee, make sure to check out our FAQ page or contact us for more information.