Office for Mac Ideas

Microsoft Office continues to impress with their innovation of productivity software with applications having strong capabilities, the things you can do on the suite seems to be endless.
Office for Mac Ideas

This post is about Microsoft Office for Mac ideas.

There was a time when installing Microsoft software on a Mac was challenging.

But this has since changed.

Today, Microsoft’s port on Mac has covered most computer users, making it the most accessible and the most used program of its kind.

Let's dive in!

Office for Mac Ideas

Microsoft Office continues to impress with their innovation of productivity software with applications having strong capabilities, the things you can do on the suite seem to be endless.

Microsoft Office gives users the platform to create the document they want to present, whether it’s a document, a worksheet, or a slideshow.

This allows them to gain access to various tools that make their work grip their audiences and receive a great reception.

You can take advantage of Microsoft Office’s excellent list of easy-to-use and productive applications to showcase your creative side.

The Office for Mac 2019 edition has seen numerous additions and improvements to the previous roster of the application, allowing you to fully utilize the complex functions of the newly improved applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Making Use of Icons

Office’s new features incorporate icons into your work. The increase in emojis' popularity on handheld devices has made it become a part of simple social interaction. You can insert Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and icons to your document to enhance emails, workbooks, and presentations with ease.

You are free to control the icon by placing it anywhere in your document while rotating, choosing the color of your choice, to even controlling its size. Just simply select the Insert tab at the top of the screen and choose the Icons feature.

You can scroll through a huge selection of choices via the navigation pane to insert the icon of your choice. You can insert one to multiple icons into your document.

In addition to icons, you can insert photos that will not lose their original quality when resized, rotated, or colored. The SVG feature retains the original quality of a photo even with numerous manipulation of the image to maintain its true vivid quality.

Inserting 3D Models

Add further detail to the photos in your document by making it fully 3D with Microsoft’s newest addition. Witness your photos come to life with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel fully supporting 3D function with rotating and tilting models.

You can show your audience the great detail of the photo you want to convey and showing them the focus points at different parts of the picture.

You can insert 3D files from your local library or from Microsoft’s online library and easily format the photo to how you want it to look.

Access the Pan & Zoom option giving you the reigns of how the photo fits within a frame, or simply resizing it. You have full control of your 3D image.

Creating an Impressive Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is one of the applications Microsoft has added numerous improvements to. New charts have been added to broaden the way you demonstrate your data, and new formula commands making your calculations easier to solve.

The new features let you conduct vibrant worksheets with colorful graphs, now with the ability to insert fully scalable icons and SVG photos.

Create a chart that shows the world with the all-new map charts that are fully customizable. You can show your data values literally across the world with detailed information from country to even postal codes.

While showing the world to your audience, you can also take advantage of the new translation feature that enables you to translate the different languages to English without leaving the application.

These new features will definitely take your audience's attention with vibrant detailing and custom charts.

Writing Impactful Essays on Word

The 2019 edition of Microsoft’s most loved program is the best version we have ever seen. Word has become the premier word processing application used worldwide and has set a standard for its competitors.

Write a compelling essay now made easier by Word. A new user-friendly interface has been introduced to keep the clutter down and improve on the previous resource.

The new enhancements have made making a text-based document easier with added features that help visual strain with an improved reading experience. A new read-back function lets you hear what you wrote without the constant strain of reading it back.

The new innovative digital pen compatibility lets you write your essay the old-fashioned way. Word detects the characters you write effectively and transforms it into a digital text within word making writing essays feel more authentic. Choose different color ink and the type of lettering to make your document more personalized to you.

Impress With a Stunning Presentation

PowerPoint has also received its fair share of improvements in the new 2019 version of Microsoft Office. While the previous version of PowerPoint already had a comprehensive list of features that allow you to create a fascinating presentation, Microsoft has made additions to make your slideshows even better.

Turn your mouse into a laser pointer while you present to focus your audience’s attention while allowing you access to the new Presenter View. These new features keep you in control of your presentation and dazzle your audience with a sense of confidence.

Include features like slide transition morphing to create smoother transitions between each slide, and the ability for you to animate your slide backgrounds. These visual additions are relatively simple but they add great value in keeping your audience’s attention on you and the show.


These are just some creative Office for Mac ideas The incredible depth of detail Microsoft has added to the new 2019 version of Office has been received with mostly positive feedback from its users, both PC and Mac alike. The freedom they have given users to customize their documents and worksheets makes processing data through Microsoft Office a pleasure to do.