3 Things to Know if the Product Key Will Work on Multiple Computers

Your product key becomes the most significant yet elusive thing to find when it is time to reinstall Windows. Here is a step-by-step list on helping you to understand more about the product key and if you can use it on many different computers.
Product key on multiple computers

A product key is a code that is used as an identification in software programs such as games and operating systems. This unique software specific number helps prevent piracy and counterfeiting. For the majority of the time that you are using your computer, the product key is unimportant.

However, it becomes the most significant yet elusive thing to find when it is time to reinstall. A product key is also referred to as a software key, which validates that the operating system is registered and legitimate. This code is typically separated into groups of five digits. For every purchased software, a product key is also given during the process of installation. A Windows product key is essential in the activation of the system. In the older versions of Windows such as in Vista and XP, it is easy to find the product key in the registry.

Today, it is practically hard to look for the key in the modern versions as they are encrypted. The majority of commercial software block unauthorized installation and duplication by adding protection to their programs. The makers of these software programs make use of a variety of techniques to prevent these activities. The most typical solution they use is that they require the user to enter the product key. This is exactly the approach used for Microsoft Office and Windows. Here is a step-by-step list on helping you to understand more about the product key and if you can use it on many different computers.

There can be many issues that come up with a product key. Not having your product key or losing your product key can result in your product not working properly or recognizing that you have an unlicensed copy of the product. That’s why you always want to purchase from a genuine Certified Microsoft Partner like SoftwareKeep. Without the license key, installing your product on another computer should it become necessary can be impossible, even though you have already purchased the product. Trying to sort all of this out by phone with Microsoft support can be a headache.

Why Choose Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office

What Is the Product Key?

The product key for Windows is a pattern that consists of an alphanumeric data of 25 characters. They are in five sets of five characters order. You need this code in order to activate your windows, whether 32 or 64 bit, Basic, Premium, and Ultimate editions. You cannot interchange these product keys. No product key is the same, and it is exclusive to the operating system it is tied with. Therefore, you are supposed to use it the same version of computer operating system that it sold with.

For example, if you are using Windows Ultimate, it means the product key of the Windows Premium will not function on the first one. A product key is interchangeable as a License Key and sometimes called as an Activation Key.

Is It Possible to Use One Product Key on Another Computer?

After a certain period of time, activating Windows is necessary to continue using the operating system, especially in more recent versions of Windows. The right answer to this question is NO. If you want to install one version of Windows that comes with a product key, you cannot use this particular key when you want to install a different operating system. In simple words, there is only one product key for one computer.

So, if you own more than one computer, you need to purchase another key for each of them because you cannot activate them by using only one product key code. The product keys of Windows are exclusive to the versions that they come with. Each of them will work for the operating system that they are specifically coded. But, here’s the thing: there are some people who try to use the same key to activate many different computers. You must know that it is forbidden and unauthorized. You would also not be able to activate these operating systems at the same time.

Look for the Sticker of the Product Key Number

How did you buy your Microsoft software? The answer is your determining factor on where to find the key. If the computer you are using has already been loaded with Windows beforehand, the product key is often found on the computer case. It is a colorful sicker and branded with Microsoft. The sticker key is located on the installation disc of your computer when it is for Microsoft Office. Another approach is to contact Microsoft and ask them for a replacement product key if you really cannot find it on your computer.

For the version of Windows 10, in particular, they are using digital entitlement, which is a new process to validate the operating system. Microsoft knows that you are allowed to operate Windows 10 on their server if your computer comes with a digital entitlement. This means that no product key will be lost. There is no need for you to activate your computer. But, not all Windows 10 versions have a digital entitlement.

Final Thoughts

Your computer is one complex machine. Keep all the important software documents in a secure place so that you can retrieve them easily whenever necessary. That little product key sticker is essential. Make sure you know where to find it and have a copy of it, as it can help save your money from purchasing a new software package. So, if you find yourself seeing a Windows activation error on your computer screen, we hope the information given above will be useful to you.

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