What is Microsoft Professional Support? How can I get it?

Do you need help setting up MS Office on Mac? If you're having problems contact Microsoft Professional Support for assisted tech support.

A modern business cannot survive without a fully functioning computer network.

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Since your network runs on the Microsoft operating system, with Microsoft programs, it stands to reason that Microsoft would be able to help your network running properly. If your network breaks down then, what should you do? 

This world runs on computers; so does your business. When your network is down, this can lead to more than just a stressful afternoon. It can cost your company money, business, and perhaps even part of its reputation.

The nightmare scenario of a program or the entire network failing to function on a critical day happens all the time.

Either a necessary program can’t be installed or it abruptly stops working. In that situation, with so much on the line, what are you supposed to do?

The best answer is to go to SoftwareKeep.com to learn more about our experts and how they can assist your troubleshooting needs.

You can call us at 877-315-1713 to get advice, or visit us at SoftwareKeep. We have experts available 24/7 to assist you with your technical issues.

If, however, you would still rather go directly to Microsoft for assistance, there is an option for that: Microsoft Professional Support.

Microsoft Professional Support Explained

Microsoft Professional Support is the official fee-based technical support team of the company. It is primarily targeted at business users like yourself.

So, if your computer or network is having problems, you can contact them and they will work to recommend ways to resolve the issue -- usually through Microsoft chat support.

How Quickly Can They Help?

Claims are made online, and Microsoft’s team of experts respond within 2-8 hours, depending on the severity of your issue. More severe issues receive quicker response times according to the ranking system Microsoft technical support uses to deal with a variety of problems.

The severity is ranked in a three-level A through C system:

  • Severity A: 2 hour response time for initial contact
  • Severity B: 4 hour response time for initial contact
  • Severity C: 8 hour response time for initial contact

There are no guarantees of how quickly the team can resolve your technical issues--only when they will first contact you.

Severity A problems are those that are believed to be critical for your business to function. 

These would include problems that have completely removed your ability to work. The nightmare scenario above, where you can’t install or use a crucial program, is such an example.

Severity B, on the other hand, involves situations where your work is partially impaired, but basic work can still go ahead. In this case, you could still use your computer or network on some level, even if you lack complete use.

Severity C issues are for situations where most functionality is still present and there is the only minimum business impact due to the problem.

What problems do they address? What do they not address?

Microsoft Professional Support will attempt to help you with all of your requests but within certain parameters. These include:

  • Customer proposals for product features: Microsoft will not help you develop new features you want on your programs
  • Writing or review of custom code: Similar to the point above, Microsoft will not review changes your business has made to program or operating system code.
  • Products out of support lifecycle: Microsoft will not help you with products that are no longer being supported. For example, if your Word 2007 malfunctions, the team of experts will not help restore functionality.
  • Onsite support: This is a crucial point. Microsoft does not offer onsite help. That means no one will come to do the physical work on your computer or network. You will be given advice online or over the phone.
  • Root cause analysis: Another very crucial point. Microsoft will attempt to address your immediate needs concerning the issue, but it will not look for the deeper root cause of your problem.

Will Microsoft Professional Support team solve my problem?

Microsoft does not guarantee an ideal solution that completely resolves the issue. Instead, Microsoft guarantees that its experts will make the best effort to resolve your issue.

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The team will work to come to a clear and agreed-upon definition of what the problem is and will try to offer one or more solutions.   

However, you may be charged even if the experts cannot offer any solutions. Charges are at the discretion of Microsoft.

What are the charges?

The cost for this service is quite steep. For a single incident, it will cost your company $499. For a package of five incidents, it will cost $1999. It is important to note that those five incidents must all happen within one year of each other.

The costs can actually be much higher than that because of how Microsoft defines “incident.”

According to Microsoft, an incident must be a single support issue.

While you may assume your problem is a single issue, if it turns out there are multiple “subordinate problems,” you will be charged for each one of those as well.

Again, this does not guarantee a solution is found, only that the presence of multiple subordinate problems that the experts have to recommend suggestions for can lead to more charges.

SoftwareKeep is a better option

It is clear that the technical needs of your business can lead to quite extensive costs when something goes wrong. 

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