What Is PowerPoint Viewer? How Can I Use It? (Part 1)

Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly useful tool for anyone that has to create stunning presentations, no matter what purpose or topic.
What Is PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly useful tool for anyone that has to create stunning presentations, no matter what purpose or topic.

It is easy to use interface that allows even entry-level users to put together visually pleasing, smooth presentations by using special effects, transition animations, inserting pictures, and even format text.

PowerPoint can be used for just about anything: making an informative presentation, explaining business plans, even creating photo albums is easily doable, making PowerPoint the most widely known and used software when it comes to presentation tools.

One of the key selling points of PowerPoint is the fact that you can customize and make presentations the way you want them to be.

Every little element on your slides can be customized, dragged to any position on the screen, resized, rotated, you can apply to various effects such as strokes, shadows, glow, animations, and much more depending on the type of element you are working with.

This means that being able to show your work the way it was intended to be viewed is vital. Because Microsoft Office applications are basically industry standard in this day and age, you most likely will not run into any complications when you have to present your PowerPoint creations to the audience.

This does not mean that you shouldn't prevent issues, though.

Although it is recommended by most experts who work in the fields of what Microsoft applications cover, not every single person uses Microsoft Office software to get their work done.

Because Microsoft applications most of the time only work with other Microsoft software, if the computer used to present your PowerPoint project does not have PowerPoint itself installed, you will not be able to open your files, thus preventing you from showing the presentation to anyone.

However, Microsoft thought of this and implemented a solution even if you run into this unfortunate situation: PowerPoint Viewer.

Why should you use PowerPoint Viewer, you might ask? The answer is quite simple. While there are many other applications that were created to open and play files that originate from PowerPoint, they oftentimes do a terrible job at it.

Because PowerPoint uses so many custom-made assets and unique ways of shaping your presentations, other applications most likely will not be compatible with properly displaying every single part of your project.

This might not sound like a huge thing at first, but if you think about it, even a single element getting misplaced can lead to your entire slide looking unrecognizable from what you originally made.

Unlike those many third-party applications that offer compatibility with PowerPoint files, PowerPoint Viewer will actually display your presentation the way it was created, as it is a tool made by Microsoft to go around the issue of other applications not being able to properly display your work.

It offers pixel-perfect accuracy, the transitions remain smooth and intact, and your effects will shine through the same way they do in PowerPoint itself.

PowerPoint Viewer is an entirely free application and can be acquired from Microsoft at any given time, making it the safest and most accessible viewer application for PowerPoint presentations.

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