Forget Windows 10 — Here’s What’s New in Windows 11

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Windows 11 release date

The 5th anniversary of Windows 10’s release is slowly approaching us. Users are waiting for Microsoft’s next move regarding the operating system more than ever. However, the tech giant seems to be quiet about any new releases regarding their groundbreaking operating system.

According to their latest statement, Windows 10 is the “latest version of Windows” that’s going to receive updates. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that Windows 11 is never going to be released. We’ve seen software developers change their opinions time and time again. We’re just hoping Microsoft is going to give us a new system to enjoy.

Windows 11’s new, modern design

Thanks to a YouTube user Avdan, we have a concept of what Windows 11 could be.

Although the concept is not official by any stretch of the imagination, the changes and features are anticipated by the Windows community. Whatever the next Microsoft operating system has in store for us, we hope it’s similar to this envisioning of Windows 11.

Microsoft should hire you as the designer for Windows.” — says a commenter under the concept video.

I couldn’t agree more with the concept. The new design is a much-needed move, as the current look of Windows 10 is starting to look obsolete. Design trends come and go, but there’s a lot Microsoft could do when they release Windows 11.

New taskbar and Start menu

New start emnu

Avdan visualized a new look for the entire system while staying true to the principles of Windows. Breaking down the design, we can see a lot of good ideas that Microsoft could bring us with Windows 11.

First and foremost, users are hoping to see a way to customize the taskbar. This is an innovative idea, allowing you to create your own experience with the next generation of Windows. Although you could always rearrange apps and pin new applications to the taskbar, more control over how it looks would be awesome.

hover over tiles

Concept of how hovering over Tiles would work in Windows 11

Moving a step further is the controversial Start menu. It’s no surprise that Microsoft has a hard time figuring out how to make the Star menu a useful, stylish, yet usable pane. Moving away from the disastrous Tiles in Windows 8, this concept keeps most of Windows 10’s start menu. The only change is unifying the design with the new system and adding better hover options to make navigating quicker.

Redesigned File Explorer

redesigned file explorer

I think we can all agree that the File Explorer is overdue a makeover. As I mentioned above, some parts of Windows 10 are starting to look old fashioned. Avdan took this feedback from the community and visualized how this vital part of Windows could look like with a few changes.

This version of the File Explorer doesn’t only look more modern and attractive. It introduces functions that could significantly increase efficiency and ease of use. For example, Windows 10’s File Explorer still doesn’t have tabs functionality, which is something many of us have been asking for since 2015.

Hopefully, Windows 11 will include the amazing features we all want in the File Explorer. We’ll have to wait and see.

Dark mode

dark mode

The dark mode is the most used accessibility setting across millions of apps and websites. This mode could make Windows 11 look more appealing to users sensitive to bright screens.

Better Settings app

better settings

I can’t be the only one who has a hard time reaching some settings in Windows 10. Configuration options are scattered around the Settings app and the old Control Panel, making it confusing and time-consuming to find what I’m looking for. Just like many others, I hope that Windows 11 introduces a more unified Settings app.

The amazing design by Avdan proves that this task isn’t impossible. This is probably my favorite part of the entire concept, as I often find it ridiculous how confusing it is to configure Windows 10.

control panel

As you can see from the example above, managing your sound devices seems a lot easier in this concept of Windows 11. Instead of having to go into the old Control Panel and navigate through confusing menus, you can reach everything within one app. I really hope to see this introduced by Microsoft.

Optimized tablet mode

Some Windows 10 tablets are good enough to replace entire laptops. Touchscreen functionality and the ability to detach your screen from your keyboard make a highly accessible device. However, it’s no question that the operating system wasn’t fully optimized for this use. The janky mechanics and hard to use interface neglect tablet users without a doubt.

Avdan incorporated the bar on the bottom of new generation iPhones to create a stylish and highly functional way for tablet users to access the taskbar. This would be a great way to see your open windows and quickly get on the desktop as well.

The new Action Center

action center

Similarly to the Start menu, the reimagined Action Center keeps most of what Windows 10 got right while renovating the design. The gentle curves and Aero transparency work amazingly. The reduced size makes it feel less empty and a lot more useful.

To be honest, the Action Center is something I often overlook while using Windows 10. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a Twitter notification, then looking in the Action Center only to see nothing pop up. Once Microsoft finally starts to work on this panel, they have a lot more work to do than just redesign it.

So, how many versions of Windows 11 are we likely to have:

Well, there’s no official communication about this, but we might see the following versions being released.

  1. Windows 11 Home
  2. Windows 11 Pro
  3. Windows 11 Enterprise
  4. Windows 11 Mobile
  5. Windows 11 Education

As I expressed it multiple times throughout the article, I definitely think that many of these changes should be implemented into the next generation of Windows. I’m excited to see if Microsoft will be able to modernize the interface while bringing us much needed improvements.

Although the images shown above are merely a concept created by Avdan, I hope you enjoyed seeing the possibility of a new Windows.

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