What to Try if you Can't Install Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Can’t install Office 2016 for Mac or download stopping at the same size every time? This could be due to no internet connection or corrupted files. Here is how to fix it.
How to fix Can't Install Microsoft Office 2016 on Mac

Can’t download Office 2016 for Mac installer or download stopping at the same size every time? Here's a quick run on what to do.

Step 1: First check your Mac’s internet connection is working and stop any other downloads running at the same time

Step 2: If the download’s already started but it’s stuck, delete the current download file (ctrl+click/right-click and select Move to Trash or just drag the file to Trash). Now, start the download again. You can find a direct link for the Office 2016 for Mac installer from Microsoft’s website here. If this doesn’t work, here’s an alternative download link

  • NOTE: To activate and create/edit files in Office 2016 for Mac, you first need a valid and licensed Office 365 account or a Microsoft Account associated with a one-time purchase

Step 3: If it’s still not working, delete the download file again. In the Safari menu tab in the menu bar at the top of your screen, open Preferences


Click on the Security tab at the top of the Preferences window and make sure Enable Javascript is selected. Next, go to the Privacy tab, click Manage Website Data and then Remove all. Now start the download again.

  • NOTE: In Chrome, click on Preferences from the Chrome menu bar tab. Under Privacy and security, look for Site settings and Clear browsing data. Other internet browsers will have similar settings in their preferences or settings.

Step 4: If you get an error message while trying to download the installer in Safari, delete the file and try again from a different web browser instead, such as Chrome

“An error has occurred. We can’t move on to the next step. Please try again later.”

Are you getting this error message when trying to install from your Microsoft My Account page?
“An error has occurred. We can’t move on to the next step. Please try again later.” If yes, 
Close your browser and then try again. You may also need to restart your computer. 

How to Resolve Installer.pkg file downloaded but won’t launch

Step 1: Wait for the download to finish and then move the installer file from your Mac’s Downloads folder to the desktop.

Step 2: Try to open it by either:

  • double-clicking it directly
  • right-clicking and selecting Open
  • or pressing ctrl on your keyboard, clicking on it and then selecting Open

Step 3: If it’s still not working, delete the installer.pkg file and redownload from this link here

How to Resolve Error message when opening the installer

Are you getting this error message when you try to open your downloaded installer?
“Microsoft Office 2016 can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”

Step 1: If you haven’t already, upgrade your device to the latest macOS

Step 2: Click on the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and open your Mac’s System Preferences. Select Security & Privacy and click the padlock in the bottom left to make changes. You’ll need to enter your Mac user password to continue. Now, under the option “Allow apps downloaded from:”, select Mac App Store and identified developers. Remember to close the padlock again before closing the window

Step 3: Ctrl+click (or right-click) the installer and click Open. You may get another notification saying “Microsoft Office 2016 is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?”. Click Open and it should start working

Step 4: If the installer’s still blocked, go back to Security & Privacy in System Preferences and change the “Allow apps downloaded from:” setting to Anywhere. Now try again.

  • Note: Mac’s GateKeeper function safeguards your computer by preventing harmful applications from being installed on your machine. While Microsoft is reliable, it’s a different company from Apple so its apps may still get blocked. However, there are many shareware applications on the internet from less reputable organizations that may carry viruses or risky software. So, make sure you change the Security & Privacy settings back to normal after you’ve installed your Office 2016 and always be careful with future downloads

Error message when trying to install

Do you get an error message saying “install failed” when you’re trying to run the installer? It’s possible the download may be corrupted. The best option, in this case, is just to delete the current download and make a fresh download again.

To make sure you’re downloading an authentic copy of the Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac installer. 

Installer stuck at “Verifying”

If you’ve installer is downloaded and you’ve managed to get it started, but it’s stuck on “Verifying” and won’t continue, check our separate guide here for how to fix this.

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