Microsoft Software Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade
Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade
€73,95 EUR
Digital download One time purchase 24/7365 customer support A Business-Ready Operating System That Brings App Solutions to Your Daily Use Avoid the hassle and start working with an operating system designed to work faster with the tools you need, no matter your business focus. Features With Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade, you’ll be able to access your most important apps in record time, while also working across all your devices with access to the cloud and touch-based navigation that feels natural on a phone, a tablet, or any touch-enabled screen. You also get far more security to keep all your data safe while getting the kind of advanced virtualization and remote use capabilities that make this an operating system you can’t miss. With Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade, you can work at your full potential and do it far faster. If that’s what you’re looking for in your professional operating system, then Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Upgrade is your best option. Do you think there’s a better Microsoft Windows operating system for your device than this one? Find out by browsing our extensive catalog of Microsoft Windows editions. System Requirements These are the minimum system requirements required for the installation of Microsoft Windows 8 Professional: Upgrade from: Windows 8 Language: English Min Processor Type: 1 GHz Min RAM Size: 2 GB Min Hard Drive Space: 20 GB Additional Requirements: DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card