Excel Alternatives: Discover the Competitors for Microsoft Excel

Explore the best Excel alternatives and competitors in this comprehensive list. Find the perfect alternative to Microsoft Excel for your needs.
Best Excel alternatives

Discover a range of powerful spreadsheet software options that can meet your needs. This article will explore some of the best Excel alternatives and competitors available, considering factors such as project management and user interface.

Join us as we delve into the top Excel alternatives, including Quip, Apple Numbers, Zoho Sheet, and WPS Spreadsheets. Discover the features that set them apart and find the perfect solution that meets your requirements. 

Let's explore the exciting world of spreadsheet software beyond Microsoft Excel.

Table of Contents

  1. Quip 
  2. Apple Numbers
  3. Zoho Sheet
  4. WPS Spreadsheets
  5. LibreOffice Calc
  6. Google Workspace
  7. FAQs
  8. Final Thoughts


Quip is a collaborative team solution that integrates document and spreadsheet creation and editing with chat and commenting capabilities. It offers a streamlined interface called the 'Smart Inbox' where users can create, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and checklists in real time.


The platform allows for efficient communication and task management within teams.

Key features of Quip include:

  1. Real-time Collaboration: Multiple team members can work on the same document or spreadsheet simultaneously, making it easy to collaborate and make changes.
  2. Chat and Commenting: Users can communicate directly within documents instead of relying on email. They can discuss, leave comments, and even use 1:1 personal messaging to facilitate effective collaboration.
  3. Document Revisions and Annotations: Quip stores document revisions, enabling users to track changes and refer to earlier versions if needed. Annotations can be added to spreadsheets and documents for clearer explanations and discussions.
  4. Checklists and Task Management: Quip offers a checklist feature where tasks can be created and marked as complete. This ensures that team members stay updated on the progress of tasks and projects.
  5. @Mentions and Notifications: Users can use @mentions to direct teammates to specific spreadsheet cells or insert items like images or code into documents. User-controlled notifications keep everyone informed about messages and mentions, ensuring that important updates are not missed.

Apple Numbers

Apple Numbers is a spreadsheet application developed by Apple Inc. as part of its iWork productivity suite. It is available for iOS and macOS and offers a range of data management and analysis features.


Apple Numbers

What users like best about Apple Numbers is its simplicity and power. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows for high-detail data record keeping, making it easy to track, edit, and maintain data from anywhere in the world. The remote access feature enables teams to view and edit important data spreadsheets, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

One aspect that some users dislike about Apple Numbers is its limited third-party integration. Compared to its counterparts, Numbers may have fewer options for integrating with other software or services.

Apple Numbers solves the problem of effectively maintaining, viewing, editing, and sharing large amounts of data. It provides a seamless experience for syncing data across devices, making sharing and collaborating on data management tasks convenient. Users find it enjoyable and efficient to maintain, track, and regulate data on a regular basis using Apple Numbers.

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet is a spreadsheet application offering comprehensive features for organizing, analyzing, and collaborating on data. It allows users to create, edit, and share spreadsheets online from anywhere, as well as native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Zoho Sheet

Key features of Zoho Sheet include:

  1. Online Spreadsheets: Users can create, edit, and work on spreadsheets online, providing flexibility and accessibility.
  2. Data Cleaning: Zoho Sheet includes a smart data cleaning tool that helps eliminate duplicates, inconsistencies, and missing values in data.
  3. Advanced-Data Analysis: With over 350 functions and multi-axis charts, users can perform in-depth data analysis and visualization.
  4. Custom Functions: Users can create personalized functions using Deluge, allowing for custom calculations and data integration from other applications.
  5. Real-time Collaboration: Zoho Sheet offers live editing and collaboration features, enabling multiple users to work together on spreadsheets simultaneously.
  6. Version History: Users can view and retrieve older versions of a file easily, providing a convenient way to track changes.
  7. Embedded Spreadsheets: Zoho Sheet allows users to enhance their blog or webpage content by embedding spreadsheets directly.
  8. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface is designed for both web and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms.
  9. Conditional Formatting: Users can apply conditional formats to analyze and differentiate large sets of data.
  10. Form Creation and Data Collection: Zoho Sheet enables the creation of forms and data collection directly within the spreadsheet.
  11. Integration and Migration: It allows for easy migration of reports from other Zoho products and supports import/export from various file formats and cloud drives.

WPS Spreadsheets

WPS Spreadsheets is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface, ease of use, and efficient sharing capabilities. It supports many data cells across multiple sheets, making it suitable for complex spreadsheet tasks. The ability to insert graphics, hyperlinks, and images enhances the visual understanding of the data.

WPS Spreadsheets

While WPS Spreadsheets is generally robust, some users feel that it could benefit from more advanced options to compete with similar applications in the market.

Recommendations for those considering WPS Spreadsheets highlight its agility and ease of use, making it an efficient tool for creating spreadsheets.

WPS Spreadsheets solves problems related to collaborative work by offering seamless sharing of reports with team members. It facilitates creating and modifying spreadsheets, contributing to overall effectiveness in daily office tasks. The tool is suitable for both office-based and remote work scenarios, providing a versatile solution.

LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc is a free spreadsheet program offering a range of features and functions for beginners and advanced users. It provides an intuitive interface and comprehensive capabilities for data analysis and manipulation. Users can also access a repository of templates for ready-made spreadsheet solutions.

LibreOffice Calc

One of the notable advantages of LibreOffice Calc is its quick and automatic updates to support the latest MS Office file formats. This allows users to import Excel spreadsheets before some of their colleagues using Excel can even read them. Additionally, LibreOffice Calc uses a different script language than Excel, making it immune to viruses that may impact Excel spreadsheets.

Being community-supported, LibreOffice Calc benefits from user influence, such as allowing the import of CSV files named as *.XLS. However, it should be noted that Excel VBA is not removed in LibreOffice Calc, which could potentially pass viruses on to Excel users.

The main problems solved by LibreOffice Calc include being the primary spreadsheet tool for company-wide use and providing a cost-effective alternative to Excel with more frequent updates.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools that integrates email, chat, file storage, meetings, and various applications. Powered by Google AI, it offers a people-centric experience designed to facilitate safe connections, collaboration, and creativity.

Google Workspace

The notable benefits of Google Workspace include its ability to streamline organizational processes and enhance communication. Users appreciate how it enables them to maintain consistency in documentation, ensuring clear and high-quality sharing of information and images. The platform's task organization features make everyday tasks more accessible and manageable.

One of the key advantages of Google Workspace is its strong emphasis on account security. Users appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing their sensitive information and documents are protected, contributing to a sense of overall security.

In terms of problem-solving, Google Workspace addresses the need for effective communication within organizations. It facilitates secure and synchronized document management, fostering a shared understanding among team members. The platform also simplifies the dissemination of announcements and updates, promoting efficient and centralized communication.


What are Google alternatives to Microsoft?

Google has alternatives to several Microsoft products, including Google Docs as an alternative to Microsoft Word, Google Sheets as an alternative to Microsoft Excel, and Google Slides as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Why Google Sheets is better than Excel?

Google Sheets offers real-time collaboration, cloud-based storage, and accessibility from any device with an internet connection, making it more flexible and convenient for collaborative work.

What are the main differences between Google Sheets and Excel?

Google Sheets is web-based, while Excel is desktop-based; Google Sheets emphasizes collaboration and cloud storage, while Excel provides more advanced data analysis and automation features.

What is one of the main differences between Google Sheets and Excel?

One main difference is that Google Sheets allows real-time collaboration and multiple users to work on a spreadsheet simultaneously, whereas Excel typically requires users to work on separate copies of a file.

Is Google Sheets faster than Excel?

The speed of Google Sheets and Excel can depend on various factors, including the size and complexity of the data and the device's capabilities; in general, Excel may be faster for certain complex calculations, while Google Sheets excels in real-time collaboration and cloud-based accessibility.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, several compelling alternatives and competitors to Microsoft Excel offer diverse features and capabilities to suit different user needs. Whether Quip, Apple Numbers, Zoho Sheet, WPS Spreadsheets, or other options, these alternatives provide users with robust spreadsheet functionalities, collaborative features, and user-friendly interfaces. 

Exploring these alternatives can empower individuals and teams to find the best fit for their spreadsheet requirements and enhance their productivity and data management capabilities.

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