How to Get and Use Our Ultimate Affiliate Toolkit

Get our ultimate affiliate toolkit and rise to the top of affiliate marketing with ease using these useful tools every affiliate marketer needs.

Have you ever wondered how to make affiliate marketing a tad bit easier? You came to the perfect place. Get our ultimate affiliate toolkit and rise to the top of marketing with ease. Today, we present you a useful kit of the most useful tools that every affiliate marketer should be aware of, and how to use them.

Ultimate Affiliate Toolkit


The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Toolkit

Here is a list of the apps and programs you need to be a successful affiliate: 



Tracking your statistics is an important part of affiliate marketing. Having a thorough understanding of your audience allows you to get more information for your ad campaigns and how you manage your content. Don’t miss out on this advantage and start using
Bemob today.

Most of the time, small affiliates don’t have the money to pay for quality tracking upfront. Luckily, Bemob offers a free trial period for up to a million events before you need to choose a payment plan. By the time you reach this, you most likely have a sufficient amount of disposable income to pay for the actual product.

Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library

Do you want some insight into today’s top-earning advertisements? Take a peek into the
Facebook Ad Library. Here, you can see advertisements running on Facebook, their keywords, and more information you can use to enhance your own ad campaign.



Good, high-quality images can be expensive for an individual. Instead, we urge you to use
Pexels as your go-to source for copyright free, high-quality images. The website has millions of free pictures for you to use and enhance your content with.

The built-in search allows you to look up specific words related to your content, and you can even sign up to follow your favorite photographers.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Suit

Make your content, advertisements, and emails look all the more professional with the help of various
Adobe software. Applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightshot allow you to create stunning images or graphics to use in your affiliate marketing promotions.

Luckily, Adobe offers free trial periods for most of its apps. After your initial trial ends, you may purchase a subscription to continue using the software, which shouldn't be a problem once you start earning more affiliate money.



As an affiliate marketer, you should already be aware of the power of social media and how you can drive more traffic to your referral links using different platforms. If you aren’t well informed on the topic, don’t forget to check out our two-part series on
How to Use the Power of Social Media to Make Affiliate Money.

To keep everything under control, you need powerful social media management. Our experts chose Hootsuite as the best tool to handle affiliate marketing on a number of different platforms. Everything from post scheduling to a content library becomes available to you once you start using Hootsuite.

And the best of it all? They offer a 30-day free trial period for new users. Test the tool out, play around with it, see your success and make your purchase if you’re satisfied. No need to commit until you’re sure.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword planner

Do you struggle with finding the appropriate keywords to use when tagging your affiliate content? Don’t worry,
Google’s Keyword Planner allows you to solve this issue. Just type in some keywords closely related to your product, and you’ll see many other keywords pop up that you can use to expand your reach.

Hemingway App

Hemmingway app

Keeping your affiliate content accessible is essential.
Hemingway is a handy tool that analyzes your writing and checks for common mistakes that make your content harder to understand. It helps you break down long and complex sentences into more digestible bits, which helps your audience understand you more.

As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your content readability at grade 6 or below. This will ensure that it’s easy to read and digest at a glance, capturing more attention than a complex piece.



Having an email list and conducting email campaigns is definitely one of the most efficient ways of affiliate marketing. We recently published an article about
Email Templates to Help Affiliate Marketers. But did you know that there’s a tool that significantly streamlines the process of conducting an email campaign?

We chose ActiveCampaign as the tool you need to manage your email advertisements like a professional. Their service speaks for itself — create custom email templates with automated placeholders, keep track of your statistics, email list, and much more.

Start your free trial today and commit to the service if you feel like it can take your affiliate marketing to the next level. And trust us; it definitely will.

Final thoughts

If you need any further help, don’t be afraid to reach out to the SoftwareKeep customer service team, available 24/7 to assist you. Return to us for more informative articles all related to productivity and modern-day technology!

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