How to Ignore Conversations in Microsoft Outlook

Do you want to eliminate unwanted Emails from clogging up your Inbox? Well, learn how to use ignore conversation feature in outlook to stay focused.
How to Ignore Conversations in Microsoft Outlook

Conversations are a great way to organize your emails. These are emails that have been grouped by subjects and are organized chronologically. With this organization, you can easily find the reply you need without spending too much time searching through the mailbox.

How to ignore conversion in outlook

However, sometimes there are way too many conversations that are not related to you anymore, creating clutter in your mailbox. If this happens, you can simply ignore any conversation that is not related to you. Here is how to do it:

  1. First, select the conversation you wish to ignore, or an email in the thread
  2. Then, select Ignore
  3. Select Ignore conversation to finish the process. Note that this command appears in the Ignore conversation dialogue box. If it does not appear there, don’t panic. The box will not appear if you have previously checked the Don’t show this message again box, so simply uncheck it.

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