How To Set Up Office Mobile Apps on a Windows Mobile Device

Made specifically to optimize space on small screens to fit your phone or tablet. Here you'll learn how to Set up Office mobile apps on a Windows mobile.
Set Up Office Mobile Apps on a Windows Mobile Phone

Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, OneNote, and more are all Microsoft Office mobile apps. These apps are designed for easy access to work on your mobile device.

They are made specifically to optimize space on small screens to fit your phone or tablet. The Office apps deliver all the capabilities and features necessary to work comfortably on your mobile device wherever you go. 

How to Set Up Office Mobile Apps

Check to see if the Office mobile apps are already installed on your phone. If you just got a new phone or recently updated to Windows 10, you will most likely have to install them. 

If this is your first time installing an Office mobile app, you will be asked to sign in. You can easily do this by entering your personal Microsoft account or your school email address and password. 

If you sign in using a Microsoft account that is linked to Office 2016 or office 2019, you will get the option to upgrade to Office 365. Follow the instructions given if you are interested in purchasing a plan. If you would rather use the app without a subscription, choose the Maybe Later option. 

Note: You will receive extra features on your apps if you upgrade to Office 365. 

Once the apps are installed, they will appear on your Windows Start Screen. Select the All Apps button, then tap any of the apps to begin.

Note: If you’re using the Office apps on a Windows 10 Mobile, swipe all the way to the right on your start screen to see your apps.

Swipe through the introduction once you enter the app. 

Then choose whether you want to use your Microsoft Account or an Office 365 business account. If you are already signed into an account on your phone, the app will automatically log you in. 

Start Using Word, for example, any documents saved to your OneDrive will be shown and available to edit. Choose any of your apps to view your different files. 

If you want to add another Microsoft Account or Office 365 for a business account, tap Add Account and sign in. 

What can you do using Word Mobile App?

Read mode” is a new and improved way to view documents on your phone or tablet. On Word, you can view, add, and edit all work on your drive. 

Everything you add or change on your drive is automatically saved so you never have to worry about work getting lost or not saving. Here is a list of some more features the word mobile app provides:

  • Check your spelling
  • Use a thesaurus 
  • Share files
  • Add a signature line
  • Add a table
  • Modify a table
  • Insert symbols and special characters

What can you do with Excel Mobile App?

All the precision and capability of Excel is now available and easy to use on your mobile device. With this app, you can create new spreadsheets from scratch and completely customize them for your information and liking. 

Excel is perfectly designed to fit the small screen of your phone or tablet making it easy to create spreadsheets wherever you are. Here are some of the main functions of the Excel mobile app:

  • IFS function
  • CONCAT function
  • SWITCH function
  • MAXIFS function
  • TEXTJOIN function
  • MINIFS function
  • Design a funnel chart
  • Create a chart
  • Customize data in a column or row
  • Insert new lines of text inside a cell
  • Use AutoSum to sum numbers

What can you do on PowerPoint Mobile?

With PowerPoint mobile, you can make unique PowerPoint and slideshows on your phone or tablet. 

The mobile app features all the same high-quality animations, transitions, and other effects you find on your desktop. Here are the capabilities of PowerPoint mobile:

  • Change the theme and background color
  • Insert pictures from your camera
  • Add animation effects
  • Add transition effects
  • Unlock files
  • Rename files
  • Add and delete files
  • Change the margins
  • Change the font
  • Flip a shape
  • Add an audio recording
  • Insert a chart

What can you do on OneNote Mobile With a Tablet?

OneNote is like a virtual notebook, it allows you to capture, share, and organize all your ideas and access them on any device. On the app, you can draw, write, or type thoughts whenever you want. 

You can then find any of your notes (even handwritten) with a quick search. You can also bring your notebook to life with pictures, tags, and tables.

  • Take notes anytime
  • Send documents and files to OneNote
  • Convert and solve math problems
  • Create links to notebooks, pages, paragraphs, and sections
  • Find your notes easily with a search
  • Format your notes
  • Change the background or color of a page
  • Format text
  • Insert a table
  • Check spelling in your documents
  • Add pictures to your page
  • Edit and crop pictures
  • Send photos and images from other apps to add to your notes
  • Draw and Sketch
  • Create handwritten notes
  • Draw and sketch notes
  • Change the color and thickness of your ink strokes
  • Replay ink strokes
  • Draw straight lines or use the built-in ruler

You can easily access your personal work from your windows phone or tablet with the Microsoft Office mobile apps. 

Word allows you to edit an essay previously started on your desktop. You can also use OneNote to jot down some notes and ideas or create a sophisticated presentation using PowerPoint or Excel. 

The mobile apps hold all the same capabilities and features you would find on a Windows desktop. But its upgraded design makes it perfect for your windows phone and tablet. 
Using the Office mobile apps is the best way to stay productive and work on a highly advanced program no matter where you go.

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