How to use Calendar Reminders and Categories

In this guide, you will learn how to use Calendar Reminders and Categories for Outlook in a few easy steps to stay organized and focused.
How to use Calendar Reminders and Categories

Keeping track of all your important events is vital to staying organized. After all, if you miss a meeting at work, you can only say “I forgot,” so many times. If you’re married, your wife won’t appreciate you forgetting your anniversary dinner. It’s easy to forget even the most important events in our lives. The consequences of forgetfulness can be pretty severe.

However, there is something that can make recalling and scheduling events easier for us. That is Outlook.

With Outlook, you can even color-coordinate important events in your life and keep yourself organized. But this isn’t the feature that allows an at-a-glance review of the events you have coming. With this productivity service, you can organize tasks better than a to-do list could. So, you will never accidentally miss that important business meeting, birthday event, or romantic date ever again!

How to use Reminder, Calendar, and Categories in Outlook

The steps to using Outlook to organize your life include:

  1. Adding or updating the event you want to remember to your Outlook tool - To add a new event, you will choose ‘New Appointment.’ To update it, you can double-click on an already existing appointment to add new information or change information.
  2. Choosing how long before your event you want a notification - to choose a time period, select an option from the drop-down ‘Reminder’ menu; Choose ‘None’ from this list if you don’t want a reminder.
  3. New appointments require you to enter information such as the subject, the location of the appointment, and a brief description if you so wish.
  4. Finally, to save the appointment, you can select the save button. Then you are free to close the tool or add more events.

Following those steps, you will be reminded of any appointment you choose to make.

There are more ways to make use of this tool. For example, you can also choose to prioritize which appointments are the most important or urgent by color categorizing them. You can also use the color categorization feature to simply create a more organized and aesthetically pleasing appointment list. Either way, it can be a useful and helpful feature for visual people.

You can add a color category by doing the following:

Calendar colors and categories

  1. Start a new appointment or open an existing appointment.
  2. Select ‘Categorize’ and then select one of the colors that is presented.
  3. After choosing the color that you like, that color will immediately appear as a bar atop the event of your choosing.
  4. Once you’ve color-coded your events, you can save what you have done and then exit out of your Outlook program.

Another creative and helpful feature of the color categorization tool is the ability to rename any of the pre-existing color categories. This is done by going to the ‘Categorize’ option and selecting ‘All Categories’. From there, you can either choose to create a new color category, rename a preset color category, delete a category, change the color of a preset category, or create a shortcut key.

As mentioned earlier, these tools are helpful for people who learn and work visually. Having these color codes allow you to know the type of day you’ll have by the colors present. When your eyes are blurry in the early morning, it may be nice to not have to immediately read.

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