5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 3)

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to save some time and give your project a headstart? That's what Excel templates offer you.
5 Essential Excel Templates You Need in Your Life (Part 3)

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to save some time and give your project a headstart, or simply just need an accessible way of keeping track of certain information without having to worry about putting together an entire schedule from scratch?


Excel templates are a perfect solution for those issues. Even if you are just a student, or even if you are running a business, these five templates from Office.com will definitely make your life easier.


Although most of these templates are for specific events or uses, we picked out five of the most popular templates everyone can take advantage of and incorporate into their personal lives or business presence.


What exactly is a template when it comes to Excel?


It’s a pre-designed workbook or worksheet where elements have already been placed down for you.


Simply open up the template and get to work, replace the data given with your own and begin gaining control over your life, planning out specific events and making things a whole lot easier.


You would not believe how much time these templates can save you, so why not try them out and see the results for yourself?


Trip planner

This highly automated and stylish-looking template is capable of calculating just how much a holiday vacation is going to cost you.


The template itself supplies you with multiple worksheets to calculate the costs of either flying or driving to a location-based off on the length of the trip and also gives you the ability to divide the expenses per person according to the total travelers.


If this all sounds a little too complicated, don’t worry; the template comes with a built-in section dedicated to tips on how to use each worksheet.


Address and phone list


This template gives you the perfect experience for creating your very own address list and phone book all in the same place.


By default, you can enter first names, last names, family members, address, emails, home number, and two other numbers, however, you can easily customize the template for your own needs.


For example, if you don't wish to enter someone's family members, you can simply modify the column to say something else.


Weekly chore schedule


This template allows you to assign chores to your family, between your roommates, or even between coworkers and employees simply and efficiently.


The template itself provides you with six columns corresponding to the days of the week. Each chore can be customized, and within the columns, you can check whether or not a chore has been completed.


Blue sales receipt


This accessible template supplies you with a detailed receipt. Its formatted fields for taxes, discounts, unit price, and subtotal make this template extremely useful for companies.


Enter additional details, information about your product or company and begin keeping a record of sales easier than ever before.


Project timeline with milestones

This beautifully designed template allows you to input your project milestones and keep track of the timeline of your ongoing project all at the same time.


You can easily create a visual map in a timeline diagram style to gain insight at a glance. The template also comes with tips on how to use it to its fullest potential.


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