Bitcoin Support a Part of Microsoft Office 365 Changes

To welcome 2017, Microsoft has been busy making changes to its popular software suite Office 365, including support for bitcoin currency
Bitcoin Support a Part of Microsoft Office 365 Changes

As a way to welcome in 2017, Microsoft has been busy making changes to its popular software suite Office 365. Users can now expect support for bitcoin currency.

According to NewsBTC, a Bitcoin News Service, “The company started accepting Bitcoin payments way back in 2014,” but until now tax filing support for the currency’s users has been virtually non-existent. Thanks to Microsoft’s latest update, Office 365’s Excel will offer support until other options present themselves.

New Updates Offer Excitement for Users

Microsoft Office 365 is undergoing several changes to make it more user-friendly and valuable to the men and women that utilize the software at home, work, and school. Among the most notable new features is Bitcoin support, which is why it’s featured here. Previously, having ways to account for the currency was nearly impossible.

Excel for Bitcoins is Finally Available

The Bitcoin feature is one of five introduced in 2017. All device platforms will reflect the change. Bitcoin is growing in popularity as a recognizable form of mainstream currency.

According to the Time Gazette, Bitcoin prices hit an all-time high of $1,000. Paul Gordon of the UK Digital Currency Association and co-found of Quantave stated, "The growing war on cash, and capital controls, is making bitcoin look like a viable, if high risk alternative.” The demand for the currency skyrocketed in China recently.

Microsoft announced that it would add support for Bitcoins in Excel in April of 2016. Users that have waited for the change will be pleased to have access to a tool that helps them keep track of Bitcoins acquired and spent.

Other Features Being Introduced by Microsoft

Other features offered by Office 365’s most recent update include real-time transcription and translation of Skype Meeting Broadcast, conditional access policies for locations and apps, new data gathering and shaping capabilities for Excel, and OneNote improvements for classroom and collaboration.

Hidden Features Offered in the Past Make Productivity a Priority

Past hidden features reported by Business Insider included collaboration on Word documents, links to files not attachments, the ability to turn notes into calendar items, allowing Bing to find images for presentations automatically, and converting scribbles to text and drawings in OneNote.

Some other features that amaze users is teaching your inbox how to declutter itself by creating a Clutter folder, ignoring reply all conversations, adding a handwritten signature to email, and turning your mouse into a fake laser pointer in PowerPoint. You can use it to draw attention to certain slides and details within the slides.

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