Happy Father’s Day! Here are 7 ways to Celebrate Virtually

While celebrating virtually definitely requires more effort and creativity to pull off, herein, we highlight 7 ways to celebrate FATHERS DAY, albeit virtually.
Happy Father’s Day! Here are 7 ways to Celebrate Virtually

Father’s Day is a time to show your appreciation for all the father figures in your life. Sadly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for many families to plan a get-together and spend time face-to-face.

However, you don’t need more than a little creativity and a connection to the internet to be able to celebrate Father’s Day virtually.

The best way to hold a successful Father’s Day celebration while being apart from each other is to plan activities that revolve around things your dad enjoys. This can include hobbies, his favorite meal, and so on.

You may also throw in a few virtual gifts, or take your father on a whole virtual shopping spree.

While celebrating virtually definitely requires more effort and creativity to pull off, you can make your father feel special on this day.

In this article, you can find 7 great ideas to celebrate together with your dad and involve the rest of the family too. These ideas aren’t cast on stone — feel free to put your own spin on them!

Get inspired and spread love on this special day.

Get him a streaming subscription

netflix subcription


Many of us are spending our time in quarantine by watching shows, movies, and other content online. Chances are your father is doing the same. Why not surprise him with a month of free streaming on popular websites such as Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN+?

Say goodbye to sharing Netflix accounts. Most streaming services allow you to give subscriptions to others, allowing them to create their own accounts and stream in privacy. For example, purchasing a Netflix gift card loads a pre-paid balance into an account, allowing streaming until the balance runs out.

On the other hand, services such as ESPN+ require you to make a purchase on the account your father uses. Luckily, the amount of wonderful sports content makes up for this inconvenience.

Send Him a Personalized Stickable Canvas

Dads are the unsung heroes of our lives. We often forget to show them how much we appreciate them, but this Father's Day, give him a gift that will truly touch his heart: a personalized stickable canvas.

Traditionally, we shy away from sentimental gifts for Dad, but recently, Prints4sure Canvas Picture Prints, filled with cherished memories, have become a popular gift choice. You can include pictures from childhood photos to recent adventures together – it is sure to bring a smile to his face. It lets you customize the canvas to your liking. The best part? These canvases are stickable, so Dad can easily display them anywhere in the house – a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.

This Father's Day, skip the tie and give him a gift that celebrates your unique bond.

Go on an online shopping spree

fathers day shopping spree

Not many dads like shopping in person, so going on a spree online might be a great way to celebrate together. Hop on Skype, Zoom, or Discord and start a call (maybe even share your computer screens) to browse through the endless catalog that is the internet.

Help your father find new and trendy clothes in ASOS, look at some interesting hardware for his hobbies, or simply check out some silly items in the Off the Wagon webshop. The possibilities are endless — your dad might end up with a trendy new IKEA shelf or a pair of Here Comes Cool Dad socks.

Send him an eCard

Fathers day ecard

Since giving a speech over your webcam might be awkward, why not send your father an electronic greeting card? Some may argue that eCards hold less sentimental value, however, we’d like to disagree.

An eCard is a great way to show appreciation and pour your feelings out into a letter. Thank him for raising you, teaching you skills in life, for always being there for you when you needed him — or share a joke that reminded you of him. Browse through Punchbowl’s selection to find the perfectly matching card to go with your message.

After you hit the send button, the card will immediately be delivered to your dad’s email inbox. No shipping time, no awkward staring while he reads the letter. Make sure to nudge him to check his inbox though, it’d be awkward if he missed your greeting.

Hold a movie marathon with Netflix Party

Hold a movie Marathon

If your father is already a subscriber — or you just bought him a Netflix gift card after reading through our suggestions, — watch some content together! A new Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party allows you to watch anything on the website together with others. Note that at the moment, Netflix Party is only supported on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

This is a perfect way to watch a movie with your father or check out some shows together. I personally recommend Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, or binge-watching a season of The Big Family Cooking Showdown. Use the built-in chat to type messages to your dad, or hop over to a virtual call session while watching.

Make him a personalized playlist


You know music is therapy to the soul, right?

Your father might have a bigger appreciation for music than you’d think. If you know his favorite genres, make him a playlist he can listen to every day. Depending on his preference, create the playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube.

No clue what your dad likes to listen to? Don’t worry! There are still some fun ways to create a playlist for him as a gift. For example, many people love to create playlists with songs that spell out a name or word when looked at. You can also get more personal and find songs released in the year your dad was born.

Try the Airbnb Experience

airbnb virtual experience

Experience many fun things alongside your dad with the Airbnb virtual experience program. From learning how to make the perfect coffee instructed by a national judge, all the way over to the meeting, and learning more about bees, you can find something to enjoy together. You can even involve the whole family in a fun historical quiz led by a Greek God!

Play family games via Skype

play games via skype

We all remember how fun it is to play board games with family and friends. Sadly, this isn’t something we should do while practicing social distancing. However, a great alternative is creating a Skype or Zoom call with all participants and playing games that work remotely as well. This ensures that your father has fun on his special day and gets to see all his loved ones, even if it’s through the screen.

Play games such as Skribbl, the online version of Pictionary, or purchase a Jackbox bundle on Steam and hop into a fun game with your family. Make sure to go easy on your old man — letting him win will only increase your chances of a successful celebration.

We hope this article helped you come up with some ways to connect with your dad on Father’s Day, even if you’re celebrating virtually. We wish all dads around the world a wonderful day, filled with love and happiness.