Malicious Links Blocked in Microsoft Excel and Other Office Programs

Office 365 ProPlus Advanced Threat Protection Safe Links feature keeps people from unknowingly clicking malicious links.
Malicious Links Blocked in Microsoft Excel and Other Office Programs

A new security feature has Office 365 ProPlus subscribers talking. The Advanced Threat Protection Safe Links feature keeps people from unknowingly clicking on links to malicious sites and infecting their computers. The feature is available for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for desktops.

The most prominent apps for productivity are now offering the feature. When enabled, it alerts a user that the link is no good. They receive a warning page instead of arriving to the destination. If a user feels that it was an error, they can bypass the warning and still reach the website of their choice.

Outlook Admins Can Block User Access to Iffy Content

According to a 2015 CNN Money article, cybercrime costs US businesses up to $15 million annually. That’s not a small amount of money by any estimation. Spending time and financial resources on a problem that is easily remedied by the right tools, such as software with built-in security features, only makes sense.

Admins of Outlook accounts can block other users from accessing malicious links. This is yet another security feature that enhances the appeal of Microsoft Office. It protects companies from breaches because it gives admins control over who can see what is within the software suites’ programs.

Features like this give companies greater control over employee computers. That way, if someone goes to a site with questionable security, they don’t risk infecting everyone else’s computers with malware. The entire company is protected because safety protocols are in place.

Software Keep is Serious About Security

Software Keep takes your security issues very seriously. That’s why we write about topics like this, so you know what features Microsoft has to address the issue. Staying on top of the latest MS Office news is what we do. We then relay that information to you so you can use it yourself.

Like Microsoft, our goal is to help customers make the most of the time they have. Our software solutions offer increased productivity, clarity, and overall efficiency. Having the option to prevent malicious links from being accessed saves companies and schools time and money on IT costs.

Fast Downloads Mean More Time to Work on Projects

Digitally downloading software from us is quick and easy. We also make it safe by offering authentic Microsoft Office and Windows products. You must search for the product you desire, select the software you need, proceed to the shopping cart as a guest or registered user, and receive the software in your inbox within minutes.

You’ll be able to start using Excel right away and benefit from its newest features. Whenever there is an update, you’ll learn more about why it’s important, too. That helps you stay on top of all the changes Microsoft makes when it adds new customer options.

System Requirements are Listed in Each Description

As long as your computer meets Microsoft system requirements, you should be good to go to install everything. You’ll then be able to use Excel and other Office programs with ease. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about malicious links compromising your security and ruining your day.

You’ll have safety features installed in the programs that you use. All you’ll need to do is make sure that they’re activated while you work. That way, you don’t have malicious threats that disrupt your day or the projects you’re trying to get done in time.

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