Office 2019 for Home and Business Guide

Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business is for business people to improve their business communication, collaboration, and efficiency at work and home.
Office 2019 for Home and Business Guide

With the upcoming release of the next version of Microsoft Office, the 2019 edition, businesspeople worldwide have begun wondering how the new business suites might improve their communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

Although Microsoft has been very tightlipped about what to expect from the next edition of Office, some information has been released. At the same time, other pieces can be inferred from past Office releases.

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If you want to learn more about what Office 2019 for business will look like and when you can get it, read more below.

Release Date

There is, so far, no official release date for any of the new versions of Office. Microsoft has said that a preview of the new program apps will be available in the second quarter of the year (sometime in the spring or early summer) and that the full release will be in the second half of 2018.

Based off the historical release of Office 2016, however, it is likely the release will be earlier rather than later in the year. Office 2016 for Mac was released in July 2015, while Office 2016 for PC was released in September 2015.

Microsoft may follow the same pattern for Office 2019, although the release on Office 365 may be earlier since Microsoft has made Office 365 subscriptions more of a priority.

Expected Features and Programs

Just as with the release date, Microsoft has said little about what new features and programs will be found in Office 2019. Some information has been released, however, and other pieces can be assumed.

First of all, an absolute certainty will be the inclusion of the core Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Outlook will also certainly be included. Of particular business interest, users will be the improved Excel and PowerPoint features Microsoft has promised.

Excel 2019 will include new formulas and charts for even greater data analysis. PowerPoint 2019 will have new animations, including Zoom and Morph.

For anyone wondering, “will Skype for Business work with Office 2019?” Microsoft has already mentioned that the program will be part of the business suites in the new Office edition. Word will also have improved inking features to allow for more pressure sensitivity and tilt effect.

Other features included will allow for more usability, improved voice commands, and improved security.

Publisher and Access are other programs likely to be included in the Office 2019 suite.

Expected Versions

Microsoft has said nothing about new versions of Office 2019, so it can be assumed that the suites available with Office 2016 and Office 365 will continue unchanged (although some programs may be available in different versions).

Microsoft will certainly release versions of Office 2019 in the same two formats as Office 2016, namely, in perpetual editions and in fee-based Office 365 editions.

Those versions will likely remain as they have been in recent years, so for those who want Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019, they will be happy to know it will most likely be as available in the new edition as before.

The traditional, perpetual business versions of Office 2019 will likely include

  • Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for PC

  • Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac

  • Microsoft Office Standard 2019 for PC

  • Microsoft Office Standard 2019 for Mac

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2019 for PC

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for PC

The fee-based Office 365 versions for business will likely include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 2019

  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 2019

Again, none of these have been confirmed yet, and Microsoft may choose to release new and separate versions as well, but the above are almost certain to be included as options.

How to Get Office 2019 for Business

How you purchase Office 2019 will depend on whether you are interested in a perpetual or fee-based Office 365 edition. Taking the latter first, for those who want Office 2019 on Office 365, they can purchase Office 365 now, and they will receive a free and automatic upgrade as soon as Office 2019 is available.

One of the advantages of Office 365 is the free and automatic upgrade whenever a new edition is released.

If you choose to purchase a perpetual edition of Office 2019, you will need an Office 2019 product key.

This is also true if you purchase a new subscription for Office 365. A product key is a 25-digit code that can be used to download your Office suite after your purchase. So, to activate your product for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019, you must find the product code in your confirmation email.

You can then go to the Office website and download and install the product.

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