Real Time Co-Authoring Enabled in MS Excel

Office Insiders have been given access to Microsoft’s co-authoring in Excel. You can work on Excel with friends, colleagues or teammates.
Real Time Co-Authoring Enabled in MS Excel

Office Insiders have been given access to Microsoft’s co-authoring feature in Excel for desktops. An avatar pops up in the app, alerting users that another person is working on a document.

Collaborating on projects has never been easier than it is today, thanks to co-authoring options within MS Office.

Although it is currently in the beta stage, it will eventually be released to the public as a feature.

Office Insiders can test the feature, report on its usage, and help it improve it before Microsoft makes it a part of its popular software suite. The opportunity to shape the future of MS products draws people to the free Insiders program.

Fast Ring, Slow Ring, What Does It Mean?

Many people sign up for the Fast Ring because they want immediate access to the latest offerings from Microsoft. Others prefer the Slow Ring because they want to deal with a better, less buggy version of the tool or feature.

The Office Insiders program is something you may want to look into if you have MS Office installed on your computer, as it allows you to get an insider view of all the latest updates the software manufacturer has to offer.

To join Office Insiders on any platform, you’ll need either a Windows 10 PC, a Mac or an iOS or Android device. Each offers different steps to walk through so make sure you decide which option works best for you.

Once you’ve signed up to be an Insider, you’ll then be asked which Ring you want to be a part of which determines when you’ll have access to updates. Again, this is a matter of preference because if you expect some bugs, you won’t mind being part of the Fast Ring.

The Benefits of Collaboration

There are several benefits that come with collaboration. The first is the tremendous amount of time you save by doing so. When you delegate specific parts of a task to other people, you can see them working while you do so you don’t have to rearrange your schedule to assist them.

You can work together in real-time and answer questions as you go. Your time isn’t divided between tasks which is great for productivity. You and your team can focus on what needs to get done so that you can stay on deadline on all of your projects.

Running ideas by one another takes seconds to do because you’re both online and can jump on a quick chat or Skype call to work things out. When people complete what they were working on for the day, you can see them sign out. That lets you know what colleagues remain working beside you.

It also allows you to see what work has been completed so you know whether or not you need to realign roles in the projects. You may ask someone who has done most of his or her work to help out with other tasks once they’re finished. This helps you reach the common goal of completion faster.

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